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Nova Staccato XC Kit Build

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Compare to my old FI Glock thread this is going to be a lot less detailed, I am not even sure where that thread went...

This started basically seeing the kit pop up on Boom Arms and having not done anything Airsoft in a while I figure I make another pistol for fun. 


Then I noticed something wrong with my old SVI build, reminder of what it used to be:

The hybrid barrel, which I never knew how it was built, apparently it was made from 2 piece then just barely tack welded together, with the weld basically ground off for clean appearance....well what little welding it had broken off....


So that means that gun ended up being the donor for this build. I am saving its frame probably for something long into the future but for now I am cannibalizing its CNC Al grip, and some of its internals, and swapping its hammer into another 1911 and use that 1911's hammer on this...

There are other broken bits too, if you note the hop-up chamber:

I've not had that happened before, and its not like this gun is used much at all, so not sure why all the broken bits. I have a lot older TM 2011/1911 based build with more rounds that seems to be fine today....

But with that we are moving the bits into the Nova kit. The upper for the Nova kit comes with its own comp'd barrel, its own design Hop-up(with what looks to be Nine-ball hopup bucking), and some spring loaded mechanism to I think to help the outer and inner stay put together which in the old days would cause some snag. Some of the later non-lug engaging design sorta addressed the issues but those then to feel like something is always rattling because the outer barrel is sorta just "there". This is the first time I've seen this type of setup(I mean I haven't touched this platform in a while). So its interesting to note the innovation here...

With the way the comp barrel works I have to disassemble the 2-piece guide rod to disassemble the upper. The RS one I think has a way to compress the spring and make the recoil assembly captive and removed as a whole, this is not so much...



These days I basically just do airsoft builds if I see something interesting, and the Staccato with the comped barrel and RDS plate is something I wanna see for a 2011 so naturally I went for it. To thing this is my 7th(um, 6.5? RIP SVI) 1911/2011 GBB built thats pretty neat.

The kit comes with a non-optic top cover with its matching rear iron as well:


Went with the same dual illuminating RM04 with the 3MOA amber dot. Mainly just to avoid having battery.

Only fitting work was done to the Fire control block thing in these 2011 frame:

I used a dremel to make a ramped portion near the back of it where it contacts the "firing pin" plate on the slide. When I first put it together it would cycle but it has trouble near the end of the cycle to get fully into battery, I look at the wear mark and notices that bit was very snugly contacting that aforementioned plate, which cause the whole slide to ever so slightly tilt at the end of the cycle. Grinding that like so eliminated the problem.


Noticed that this gun allows you to put the gun in safe with the hammer down. I know some RS 1911 now does that and this is the first one I noticed I can do this. 
Long dust cover at full 5" length, this is the size of a normal full size 1911.




Don't mind the SVI CNC grip with the Staccato/STI frame/slide. Maybe if I want to revive the SVI frame I might get a set Staccato grip/trigger/controls but for now I am sticking with this...

I also recently moved so I have a nice little shop space in my new place...

Now to disappear another few years until something else come up...

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Photos are working now. 

Here's a link to your G34 build -

Is that a Pro Win VN WA mag in the background I spy?  I don't suppose you have any spare ones looking for a new home do you?

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