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Somogear PERST4

Ivan le Fou

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PERST4, by Somogear, now available:




SomoGear Perst-4 Airsoft Aiming Laser IR Designator

The combined airsoft device Perst-4 is intended to indicate the target when observing, inspecting and seeing shooting from airsoft games.
Made of CNC AL6063 aluminum material.
KV-5P switch is included, control & adjust freely, can be mounted on all Picatinny rail or directly on Basis rail, making it very low profile.
New generation threadless airsoft tactical plug.
Turn on both the buttons located on the case, and from the remote tactical button.
The brightness adjustable, works with operation indicator.
Operation Temperature: from -20 ° С to + 40 ° С
IP65 waterproof, play in the rainy day
100% Brand New, for Airsoft use only
Ship from HongKong

Good thing: this is a replica.

Bad thing: lots of things do not match the original PERST4.
Such as the screws, size of the pressure pad, the "cuts" are not deep enough, etc...

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