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We scar h gbb auto problems

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Hopefully posting this in the right section , I’ve been googling all day and came up with nothing , I’ve just bought a we scar h gbb second hand and it will not fire full auto ? Semi seems fine but auto just does nothing ? 
ive yet to take it apart but didn’t know if there was a common fault or anything obvious it could be before stripping it ? 

any / all help appreciated cheers guys 

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Check if the auto sear still actually works independently. If it does, check if the bolt is able move the transfer bar far enough to trip the auto sear. If it doesn't, check for obstructions in the chamber that  can block the bolt from going forward far enough. Then check the surface of the bolt that hits the transfer bar. Lastly check the transfer bar if it's bent and see if you can bend the protrusion back far enough to make it work again.

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