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Accessory/Make: APS CAM870 Shell Spare Parts
Condition: New
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Yes/Yes/No
Price/Payment: £50.00 for 25 end caps, £15.00 for 20 hulls, split pricing below
Pictures: As below, more available upon request.



For sale are 25 APS CAM870 shell end caps and 20 APS CAM870 shell hulls. These have been removed from brand new CAM870 smart shells, but I believe they are compatible with original Mk.I and Mk.II shells also. If in any doubt, double-check with APS. Some of the caps have very minor marks from the pin spanner used to remove them. One of the maroon shell caps has a small nick in it.

The end caps will prove useful to anyone whose shells have been inevitably gouged to absolute *suitcase* by the shell latches and extractor. The hulls are useful for pre-loading hulls for faster turnaround in the safe zone.

The end caps do not come with the O-rings; these can be bought separately from APS, or reused from the ones being replaced.


The end caps retail in Europe for approximately £3.15 each, and the hulls for approximately £1.50 each for a total value of £65 for the end caps, and £25 for the hulls.


  • £4.50 plus shipping for each pack of 5 hulls, or £15.00 plus shipping for all 20.
  • £9.50 plus shipping for 4 end caps, £11.00 plus shipping for 5 end caps, or £50.00 including shipping for all 25.

I won't be splitting the shell hulls into fours, or into mixes of colours - sorry. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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