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😉 to all that posted there thoughts and feelings on the ktw lee Enfield 

yes it’s crazily priced I played £1200 but got 75 off the new ktw Randall so was a good deal for me

I have to say it’s not a bad rifle its very sturdy and smooth shooting had it doing 100 meters with a .30g bb I opted for this one over the rwa that has more floors and the finish is not as good as this one yes I agreed it’s not a skirmish gun I’d hate to drop it at that price but it might be if it was half the price I’m shore there will be a clone that will be cheaper maybe even the g&g might be cheaper but

I got bored in lockdown and decided to build a Enfield using a vsr10 and all real parts off eBay this build cost me 300 in parts and two weeks in work and now I have a Enfield I can take to games that has 30 round capacity and shoots 450 FPS and best things is I can upgrade it and there’s plenty of parts plus I’m not worried about dropping it

If you have the skills I’d just build your own so much more satisfying to shoot and far cheaper than any airsoft replica that you can buy 




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On 8/9/2021 at 5:16 PM, harborne blue said:

This: https://www.airsoftworld.net/ktw-lee-enfield-no-4-airsoft-rifle-with-beech-stock.html 

A very expensive rifle that at best matches the performance of a tricked out S&T m1903 / k98 and (soon) SMLE.

Yes extremely expensive for what it is but it’s is by far nicer with a fantastic finish 

I’m hoping that when g&g pull there thumbs out and get there version out it will be just as nice though 5 shot is a game spoiler unless it’s has some major power behind it 

ether way as a collector I’ll be having one just hope the price is more sensible £300-450 max


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