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WTS - Custom Combat Shirt/Pants sets

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Selling a couple of combat shirts/pants. While they're in the US, I can ship them overseas if you indicate.

1. Kurmaz Gear Crye G2 combat shirt/pants in Japanese Type 1 camouflage pattern

The shirt/pants are made in Crye G2 style by Roman. The Japanese Type 1 Training Evaluation Unit camo was sourced from Japan years ago. Had it with me for at least two years. Still newish looking. Only tested it once to see if it fits me.



Selling it off as I'm (tentative) moving to Singapore to attend Masters.

Size for the shirt is at Medium Regular (37 to 41 inches chest size) with pants at 34R (34–36 inches waist)

I recommend this pattern for those who want to stand out/have a unique camo.

Shirt/Pants is $80. I'll have it shipped as soon as payment is done via Paypal. If you want to haggle/or have a OBO, let me know.


2. Red Dawn "Fake" KLMK camo-based Gen 3 Improved Direct Action Shirt/Advanced Fast Response Pants by UR Tactical

This is a (Brand New) limited edition UR Tactical Gen 3 Improved Direct Action Shirt/Advanced Fast Response Pants made by UR Tactical with the camo fabric provided by 0241 Tactical. This one's from a LE production and it's all gone.

Both are Medium Regular.



MR IDAS - 36 to 40 inches or 91-101 cm (Chest fit).

- 67 to 71 inches or 170-180 cm (Height).

MR AFRP - 32-35.5 inches or 81-90 cm (Waist).

- 30-32 inches or 76-81 cm (Inseam).

Asking price is $200 due to it being a special item. If someone wants to do an OBO, it's fine as long as we can agree on a fair price. Tentatively having plans to get a Masters, so this one can go (with great reluctance).

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