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In my Plate Carrier project with the TMC 3219 AVS i am currently working on the comm's kit (trying to find out how everything's done and rigged)
Its a 100% dummy kit (so far) with a Ztac dummy PRC-152 (stil to be pimped)
Although in 99.9% of the cases the MBITR is carried in front, for better acces.
I decided to go for the 0.1% the PRC is installed on the back panel, as far as i understand this is a RTO, or Ranger setup? (feel free to teach me all about it guys)

Anyhow, one of the comm components, very commonly seen nowadays, is the folding antenna, attached to the back panel with a MAST Antenna Relocation Kit.
Instead of the antenna mounted directly onto the MBITR.

mbitr refference.png (5.82MiB)

After a short research i found out 1: there isn't a (cheap) dummy version of this type of antenna, 2: its actually made out of ordinary materials.
Time for some DIY i decided 

First step: R&D
Before i could start i needed to determine the correct dimensions, i took a photo -i found on the interweb- with a measuring tape along and used this as my reference base to determine al the dimensions.


antenna ref.png (1.28MiB)

Knipsel.JPG (88.57KiB)


2e step: Gathering the materials.
-The goose neck was cannibalized from an old Ikea lamp, 
-The Antenna Blade is made -same as the real ones- out of measuring tape
-For the rubber covering i took heat shrinking tube in Ø19 and 24mm
-Machined parts


Naamloos.png (9.52MiB)

3e Step: Machining the parts.
Some parts needed to be custom made by myself, 
-The Blade Antenna connector was CNC milled out of brass
Same has the Goose Neck Connector
-The antenna base has a solid brass core, with a PA6 cover to resemble the real one

antenna parts.png (4.99MiB)


4: The Assembly
The Ikea-Goose neck was cutted to desired length and press-fitted into the brass connector, before painted black.
The antenna Base was further handcrafted into the desired shape, same as the measuring tape blades, before they were attached together with M3 bolt and nuts.
The PA-6 antenna tip was epoxy glued onto the blades, and would also be held by the shrink tubes. 


assembly.png (17.33MiB)

5: The Heat Shrink Tube-Job
Was the most satisfying part of the job, since it instantly brought the Harris appearance to life


blade antenna finish.png (5.75MiB)

The End Result
Quite satisfied with it ! i dare to say a "maximum result for minimum effort" project  


antenna finished.png (4.81MiB)

Finnaly a Velcro retention strap from and old Laptop adapter was cannibalized to construct the Antenna Fold down Velcro retention. 


antenna retention gif.gif (11.52MiB)


And attached to my TMC AVS plate carrier with a TMC Antenna Relocation Pouch


1640364116117-1.jpg (192.74KiB)

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