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right... £60 on a discord and I now have a Well/CCCP/Lancer Tactical m82 spring rifle.


I know they have issues, I know they need a LOT of work. I know that it doesn't take standard pars and uses their SVD hop but if you mod the Inner barrel a better hop COULD work.

current plan is look at a cow bolt conversion (60$l a 12g to asa adaptor and a line to a regulated co2 setup  (either with my current reg for my law and mortar project or a smaller one to go Iside the gun) and a lot of externL work to make some sort of Anti Tank Rifle type thing for ww2 setpiece stuff.

so anyone with ideas or guidance or experience I am all ears. let's make this wallhanger Into something cool ish  

this is a long term thread for chronicling my ideas and spitballing.

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