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After Market TM 1911's and Capa Parts. Hammer, MSH, Thumb safties etc

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Prices below, postage and paypal £3.50 for each item but will combine post for multiple purchases.

Lct steel MSH for TM 1911's £30, Nine ball what they call button ready mag carch for Hi Capa £10, DA workshop Steel commander ring hammer for TM Capa's and 1911 £20, Nova Series 70 steel thumb safety £35 and Nova Ed Brown steel thumb safety.




Nova Trigger £15, AKA 1911/ Capa trigger £10 (red one), the hammer is the same in above pic.



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The following are now sold :

Nova Trigger - Sold.

Lct steel MSH for TM 1911's - Sold.

Nine ball mag catch for Hi Capa - Sold.

Both Nova Series 70 steel thumb safety and Ed Brown steel thumb safeties - Sold.


Putting up a few more bits for sale :

Airsoft Surgeon threaded outer barrel for Hi Capa, new, £25 including post and paypal. Stock TM Hi Capa outer barrel, new, £5.




Tanio Koba Hi Capa Three hole trigger, new. £5




Airsoft Masterpiece Trigger, used. £5




Wii Tech, Hi Capa steel grip screws, new, one set marked Infinity other 2011 Sti. £5 each.





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It's only just hit the shops bud, Guarder are meant to be doing a complete set of externals but sporadically been releasing bits, only the trigger, thumb safety and I believe the hammer is available. Nova and the others are all sold out everywhere but you can buy Guarder from rainbow8 or should be easily found on other HK sites.


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