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I know that VFC makes a HK45 Compact Tactical for Umarex, and that for a long time the full size Umarex HK45 was made by KWA.

I have recently discovered that VFC also makes a full size HK45 for Umarex. Unlike the KWA it has a metal outer barrel and trades are engraved rather than in white paint.

Information about this gun on the web is limited, and I haven't been able to find any reviews in English.

Does anyone on this forum have one or know somebody that does? If so I'd be grateful if you could let me know it compares to VFC's other pistols, like the FNX45, and whether it is more or less reliable then the KWA version, which appears to have some problems.

Otherwise I will just have to buy blind.

I know of course that the TM version is the best, but I would like to know if the VFC is at least a reasonable alternative?

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I’ve got the Umarex P8A1 which I believe is also made by VFC.  So far it’s been reliable, and with Warhead 0.25’s it’s got decent accuracy too.

The only downside is magazines are a bit of a pain to get hold of, but apart from that I’d thoroughly recommend it.

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