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I think I set a record for myself, I have been using this wallpaper since October 20th.  Normally, I changed wallpapers once a day.




A Rider is fine too.

MB Re-Act! :D


Just changed it, the last one lasted 2 weeks. I usually change them once or twice everyday.




A guy is fine too... ?

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I'd post my desktop, but It's not exactly safe for work, and not even the strategic placement of desktop icons would make it WS.


Viper would like though, I'm sure.


edit: Alert, Alert: Donut's wallpaper is a trap

Edited by TMC
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How is edgy? im currently running Dapper Drake and after only for days on linux, im a convert :D


I'm glad you like it :P. Once you get accustomed to it and learn to work with it, you'll like it even more..

Edgy is just more up to date, not a big difference with dapper after all.


Btw, have you tried http://www.getautomatix.com/

May come in very handy for a beginner.

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