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MOA Show 2022- GHK Glock 17 Gen 5


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10 hours ago, BigAl said:

Hope they've knocked a few pounds of the trigger pull.

I bought their updated trigger kit for the Gen3, will install and update everyone on how that feels compared to the old one. 

The old trigger system was frankly terrible, it's not that the pull is heavy, the pull was just bad, it actively punishes someone for shooting properly. If you slap the trigger, the pull is much lighter, like 3lb was the lightest I managed with a gauge, but if you very very gently increase your pull force, the sear that rests on the pin is able to resist until I'm pulling it as hard as I physically can with my hand shaking and the trigger still wouldn't break, and far beyond my gauge can measure, resulting in you basically have to purposely jerk the trigger more than you'd like in order to achieve a reliable break, even when you're trying to take a precise shot.

I ended up sanding the pin until it breaks reliably while pulling gently, however, the gun's design means that if you sand the pin too much, unlike a normal airsoft gun where the force of the valve strike is based on a spring and an internal hammer, GHK's system means you're effectively pushing directly onto the valve with the force of your finger pull, which means if you sand the pin too much, you end up not being able to achieve a reliable build up of force which results in a hard "slip" of the sear, which means you can under gas the system if you pull the trigger very gently. The perfect amount of sanding is arbitrary and not repeatable, everyone basically has to do it a tiny bit at a time and test it to make sure it works only for the way you'd like the pull the trigger, and it's sensitive enough that I bet some people's gun work perfectly fine just due to the tolerances.

Overall, it's a clever design as in theory because it means your slide cycling has no resistance to reset a hammer like a normal airsoft gun does, but a nightmare of a design if you care about a realistic trigger pull, I hope V2 somehow fixes this, I'm not holding my breathe though.  

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Re: Above

Trigger kit has arrived after it has been shipped by what must have been sea turtles. 

Results are very positive. The arbitrary break has now been fixed, completely, a repeatable break at around 6lb +- 0.5lb, not quite sure where the variation comes from, perhaps it's placement of the gauge's hook on the trigger, but to the hand, it feels the same every pull, no matter how slow you break the trigger. I also used this opportunity to get some CO2 mags for the CO2 kit I've had installed, now with the "sear" working correctly, the pull weight is no longer affected by whether there's a magazine, what type of magazine etc (as highlighted before, believe it or not, the old system can have its pull weight affected by mag). Without taking longevity into account, I recommend that the GHK Glock to be a CO2 only gun, the kick is much nicer (still, not the hardest kicking CO2 gun, I have full steel 1911 builds that kick harder despite based on old systems), and for whatever reason the cooldown on green is just not great, perhaps it's too gas hungry due to large nozzle and hard return spring. 

The break is definitely on the heavy side even for duty guns, I believe IRL factory Glock sits at 5lb if it's cleaned and lubed etc. So the idea that they are releasing a TTI G34 based on this system is questionable, as that is meant to be a custom gun with about 3lb trigger, would love to see them being able to lighten the trigger while keeping the design, we'll have to wait and see. 

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