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A rare thing.. A TM CAR-15 but there's a catch.. You need to build it!

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Hi all,

Here's a bit of a rare thing that I bought in very similar condition 15+ years ago and ended up assembling into an absolute beast of a gun (tightbore barrel, upgraded hop up, full specced up gearbox). Unfortunately, being young, I overestimated the strength of the stock TM V2 gearbox and with the power I'd got the gun to (a really reliable/solid 335fps - all systema internals), the front of the gearbox cracked and split which meant I sidelined the gun for a while with the intention of buying a new case for it and rebuilding it back to its glory.. That was a long time ago and I gradually fell out of playing airsoft. Fast forward to now and I've got all of the bits needed to assemble this thing back to former glory. I've found a couple of old pictures (clearly taken on a potato) of what it looked like before - the horrible rubber stuff on the front grip has been removed back to how it should have been from the factory.

I really enjoyed the assembly process and finding out how it all fitted together and "restoring" a classic TM gun and I guess it's quite fitting that I come to sell it in the same condition as I bought it!



I'm honestly not sure what to ask for this (or if I'm really 100% sold on selling it) so given the rarity of it I'll say £250 + postage of your choice and if that's too much then I'll probably keep hold of it and eventually get round to buying a V2 gearbox and doing the rebuild myself as I found it a lot of fun.

Thanks for looking!


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