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IRC is down?

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Can somebody post all the relavent mIRC gubbins for the darkmyst IRC room?


I normally connect via the Java applet but that seems to have snuffed it for some reason.

FWIW, all I get is the following message when the Java window opens:-

"Startup error: Java.lang.Error: Unable to load interface pixx: JavaLangClassNotFoundException: irc.gui.pixx.Interface"


At a wild stab, I'm guessing something's up with the Arnies cartoon which is a background in the Java window?


OTOH, my PC told me it needed to update my J2SE stuff a few days ago so maybe that's the problem?

I've been using the chatroom for the last couple of days, after the J2SE updates, so I don't think that's the cause.

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Tools > Options > Servers > Irc Server = 'Random Darkmyst Server' then simply type "/join #airsoft" on connection to the server, or add that to your perform list for automatic connection (Options > Perform) :)

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