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and you can wear it if you ever decide to do a 'Nam impression  :unsure:


Not doing a 'nam impression...


I said I'm going to get a MP5 A5 or a G36C next year, because I'm building a norwegian marines loadout.


Edit2 : oh sorry, I misread it a little.



Edit : Oh *beep* :( two posts <_<



Edit #3 : Snip3r If you ever want to go with the same impression, I have an extra M75 jacket :)

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Vietnam loadouts ain't bad... Does anyone know if the specops guys used chicom style chestrigs or just issue LBE stuff?


TBH I just use what works, and current generation stuff works best. :) Why go for canvas and leather stuff when you have access to 1000D Cordura? It's like taking a 386 computer over a 4ghz tower.

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