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i have had problems with 2 Darkhawks, first the slide would jam as you describe, then not long after that the inner barrel would actually just fall out of the gun, as it does not seem to be held in with anything aprt from some tiny lugs, that hardly hold it in there at all.


This happened in the exact same way on both the models that i owned, so i have now got rid of these a purchased a WA SVI 6" Expert, which should arrive soon.

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I'm was about 5 seconds from buying one of these as my first GBB from evike.com (they're american, for you British interested, so I believe it will come with an orange tip but I'm not sure, but hey, the tip is easily removed and it's in stock, so shut up and order :P), but I'm sick of my first guns having problems. My Airsoft Elite MP5A4 is blowing fuses out of the box, so I don't want a gun I'll have to tamper with within the first couple months or so.


Soooo, should I get one of these or just go with the KWA G19..


I do love the looks of the DH, though. And the weight. :D



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I've had a play with one of these at actionhobby's but unfortunatly it was his own personal gun and is currently out of stock :( as most people seem to be.


Seriously though, I always thought having a sidearm was a waste of time till I picked up this (damn heavy) bit of kit.


Has a sweet, solid action and I'm just gonna have to keep pestering them till they get em back in stock.


Until then I'll just savour the moment I fired this beast!

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