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What Have You Shot?

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Myself. :blush:



That is just above my knee, with a penny for size reference. (The picture is blurry due to close-range, sorry.)


I upgraded my Spetsnaz to "within forum limits" (give or take, I'm not exactly sure). Someone convinced me to shoot myself to see how much more it hurt. Well... a lot. I hit on a tenden that was soft. I didn't realize how bad it was until I got home due to long pants. :Zzz:



Funny this thread came up... I just came back from a match today where we set up a series of 5 plastic water bottles then ran through with GBBs shooting until we hit each one.


It's kinda a cool thing to do near the end of the day when everyone is packing up and is tired. (Sorry, no pics of that.)

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Alright alright, I'll try and get some photos of stuff ;)


I shoot more `stuff` than anything else, and I might as well reveal my secret weapon now that I still can't upload the damn video onto the interweb: I duct-taped my MK1 to a forklift truck, and after shooting a computer up (which only smashed the keyboard) I rammed the monitor with the fork lift until it went bye-bye. I have this on video too, but the work PC just will not accept the video software :angry:


If I was less lazy and brought the works digicam home more often you'd have more pics of broken stuff than you'd know what to do with....


Let's see what I can come up with......

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