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What Have You Shot?

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- shot with a 6mm bb from my CA870 (stock at the time


Just incase you have not yet found out for yourself... You cannot switch the lights off with a gun. (The light is still on in this picture)




This is my door! Shot with both 8mm and 6mm bbs from various guns when I have missed what I was aiming for.




Some crappy candles I was given and decided were perfect targets :D. The large dents in the foreheads are 8mm bbs from my raging bull. In the middle one there is still a .3g 6mm bb from my upgraded CA870. It went too deep to come out.

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Well last night i shot a free dvd case with my springer and it went straight through which suprised me, another 12 shots completely destroyed it.

Then i turned on the disk and one shot blew it apart like a mirror droped from a top floor window. Ill do it again and post a picture.

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Telling people to just shoot some stuff and post the pics is the last thing that airsoft needs. Considering what is going on in the UK right now with the crime bill and what could easily happen in any state in the US. Unfortunately, many people don't use good judgement and a thread like this may encourage them to vandalism in the name of "showing off". Very irresponsible. :waggle:


There was a thread very similar to this in June that was promptly locked after the very first post.

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This car was once engulfed in flames and it had about 310 rounds shot at it.

Lmfao! Right, I've just thought of some more entertainment ideas for our house party :D


Oh. How bout some pics. I want someone to shoot some jello and post a pic.

Aha, I'll give that a go tomorrow. I really do have too much free time now its the holidays :D


This is a speaker from my stereo that I got quite angry at.

Dude. I don't know the name of the stuff, but they yellowish cones, my B&W speakers are made of those... Aren't they waaay expensive :blink:


I'll take pics of everything I shoot from now on. Including my friends :P . I sense waking hung over people up with my gun at our next few parties will be amusing ;):D

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