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What Have You Shot?

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My younger brother shooting himself with the TM SIG 226 when it just came out...


Very funny funny video........got to love his face!

HAHAHAHA I watched it 4 times. Doesn't seem like the slide blew back, and that its really quiet. When he says "ow", I laughed my *albatross* off.


Oh man his face right when he pulls the trigger. "Why the *fruitcage* did I do that?" That's just priceless. Great video.

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OK, I`m finally getting around to adding my 2 pence to this thread. Outside I`ll shot at whatever makes a good target, but inside, I have.....................


My indoor shooting range. My desk is at the other side of the room, and that makes it about 15 ft.




As you can see on the righthand side, its not very effective sometimes (I blame FULL AUTO!).


I use boxes inside of boxes as a backstop. It works pretty good, I dont have to pick up too many BB`s. I tried a towel, but it was soon chewed up.




Here is 15 off hand rounds from the M93R from 15 feet.




And a full clip from it on FA.




When I get really bored with this set up, I see how long it takes me to cut the paper in half. :D (maybe thats where those shots on the right came from, :blink:




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I have converted my garage into a firing range and blast anything I can get my hands on to pieces in there eg CD's, cassette boxes, crockery, bottles, cans, chalk targets, paper targets, fruit, polystyrene, vegetables etc etc.


It's pretty cool, I have a mini-fridge in there packed with beer (handy since as soon as I down a can it then becomes a new target :D ) and a decent Hifi too hooked up to my Ipod. So I can shoot, drink and listen to my favourite tunes all at the same time.


I havent cleaned up for a while so will post some pics later in the week of the carnage in there if anyone is interested.....

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