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lol thats much beter than mine :P,but i did make mine at like 1am,anyways yea doc if you do what redcap,eddie and myself have pointed out it should be spot on ;)


Thanks, lol :)


Aye, sorry about that, went a little 'milphotos.net' there. Didn't help I was drunk  :beer:


NP, do understand, just a little close to home for me, as you can imagine.

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The cocking handle you want can be seen on this pic ;)




Similar, but different.


Of course if you really want to go to town, you can make up an "A2" version of the cocking handle, seen here...




As a side-note, here are some of the experimental cocking handles that never made it on to the rifle... ;)




(Note: The handle that made it on to the A1 model is the one on the right hand side of that last pic).

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NO! Not green - it's black, and adonised (not gun blacked) at that!


Problem with the cocking handle on the model you have, Doc, is that it's (1) too thin, (2) too long, and (3) has a bleedin great shiny screw head showing in the middle, and (3) spins on its' axis.


Hope the above helps, anyhow ;)

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