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TokyoHobby.net, wwiiguns.com, TokyoCentral Hobbies BEWARE


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Who is the git tokyo hobby or just a guy who works there?



The guy that owns the place I think his name was Miki not %100 sure though. I ordered two guns from them once but I only ever recieved one gun, and that took 6 months to arrive. From memory they seem to have a very bad history for customer service.


Its pointless trying to email them they always ignore them, especially if its a complaint. I even managed to aquire the owners personal hotmail address but I never recieved a reply. Sadly I did not pay via paypal or credit card so I have no way of getting the money back.

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Hopefully he was run over very slowly by a steam roller at 4mph


For some reason that had me in stitches for ages! :lol:


I remember there was a HUGE thread on the old forums about TH, but perhaps this can be stickied and made into the equivalent of the old one - a single thread for all TH discussion?

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For some reason that had me in stitches for ages! :lol:


I remember there was a HUGE thread on the old forums about TH, but perhaps this can be stickied and made into the equivalent of the old one - a single thread for all TH discussion?



It was not a joke, I hate him with passion. There's not many people I want dead in this world but the owner of Tokyohobbyb.net is one, he rank's up there with Zarqawi, Ant and Dec, and a few others in my book.

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Hey all, I posted the review on Tokyo Hobby that's in the reviews section and I used to get at least 1-2 emails a month from peeps who had not searched for the review before they decided to give Tokyo Hobby/Miki Nakamura (It's a guy with a Japanese girls name.. go figure) their money.


I'm pleased to say I haven't recieved an email for a few months, at least 6, regarding any probs with Tokyo Hobby. I dunno if that means they are still doing bad business, or people are searching for retailer reviews (I got that reveiw posted on a few sites) before they buy.


I can say that it looks like Tokyo Hobby is still barred from using paypal, since i guess it was too easy for peeps to get their money back :lol:


You get what you pay for! Beware! and support your local airsoft retailers!!!

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Gotta say, if I'm buying a rifle for £250 then it's worth paying £40 of that figure for the ability to go round and "discuss" any shortcomings in item, hence my preferance for buying from the Uk.


I wonder how come retailers Like Z1 or AA don't try to set up a deal to become official Uk importers for WGC etc?

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>> I wonder how come retailers Like Z1 or AA don't try to set up a deal to become official Uk importers for WGC etc?


I'd be amazed if that isn't the arrangement. It must be a nightmare trying to find a wholesaler otherwise.


On the other hand, if you're expecting HK prices as a result, you won't. Shipping, tax and higher property and staff costs all add to the prices they charge.


Anyone around the UK airsoft market 2 years ago will agree (I think :) ) that prices have dropped considerably, in real terms, since then.


AEGs were £300+ as were WA pistols (and KSC/TM were barely any cheaper).



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This is so ironic cos I received my first email from tokyo hobby this morning.....Given what is said in this (and other threads) PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. I am not representing them in any way here, I just found it spooky that this topic be raised the day i get this email from them so thought I wud share.


>>>>>>>> Now online at www.tokyohobby.net >>>>>>>>






The Christmas is just around the corner and we are offering great deal of

special offers for limited time (from Nov 18th untill December 18th) which we

thought you would like to know about. Also we are running special Christmas Draw

where you can win great prizes, please see the end of this e-mail for details!



Maruzen P99 Fixed Slide Full Set $99.00 USD ($110.00 USD)


Our latest review is now online! Visit our website to see full details of this

new exciting release from Maruzen.


Review link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/display_news.php?news_id=22

Offer link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/shop/products.php?p=54c478



Maruzen CA870 CQB Stock $125.00 USD ($149.00 USD)


Highly accurate fiberglass shotgun which is now available with full stock (from

Maruzen’s M1100 series). Limited stocks available!


Offer link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/shop/products.php?p=c9d51e


Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 $99.00 USD ($109.00 USD)


Powerful, extremely accurate gas blowback pistol release from Marui. Now on

special offer. Please read our review of this fantastic airsoft pistol!


Review link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/display_news.php?news_id=19

Offer link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/shop/products.php?p=41c15e



Tokyo Marui G3 SAS Automatic Electric Gun $172.00 USD ($189.00 USD)


Modern, highly robust Automatic Electric Gun from Marui. Lots of power in

compact size. Marui G3 SAS now on Christmas sale!


Offer link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/shop/products.php?p=580b2e



Tokyo Marui Glock 18C Full Auto Electric Blowback $29.90 USD ($34.00 USD)


Marui Glock 18C EBB is detailed and accurate replica of Glock 18C full automatic

pistol. Excellent price! Please see our review for full details.


Review link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/display_news.php?news_id=15

Offer link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/shop/products.php?p=349271


Tokyo Marui Mk23 Fixed Slide Full Set $99.00 USD ($115.00 USD)


Popular gas pistol for airsoft players now on discount sale. Full Set includes

SOCOM silencer, LAM unit and carry case.


Offer link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/shop/products.php?p=825b7b



Shoei MP44 GBB $1180.00 USD ($1325.00 USD)


Powerful replica of the rare German Stg44 World War II assault rifle. Now

limited stocks available with discount price!


Offer link: http://www.tokyohobby.net/shop/products.php?p=a0498c




Please have your orders submitted by end of first week of December to make sure

that they will arrive before Christmas. The order shipment method must be EMS,

which has specific delivery times. For other shipment methods we cannot

guarantee how long it will take to deliver for postal offices during Christmas

rush season.




All our customers who make a purchase between November 18th and December 18th

will qualify for special Christmas Draw where brand new Maruzen P99 Fixed Slide

Full Set will be drawn! Winner be announced at our website news during the month

of January.


>>>>>>>> Now online at www.tokyohobby.net >>>>>>>>


International retail sales : www.tokyohobby.net


Dealers & wholesale: www.tokyohobby.net/dealers.php


service@tokyohobby.net General inquiries


sales@tokyohobby.net Sales inquiries


dealers@tokyohobby.net Wholesale inquiries

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Haha, so that same bloke has been cheating ppl around the globe i see :D I thought his name was Mikio, well whatever. Hes been running a finnish website called AirsoftFinland, and before that, tokyohobby. Hmm i think the website has been online about a year or more. Really dunno how many ppl has he tricked here in Finland. At least one of them was my fried. He ordered bits and parts from AirsoftFinland an it ook about 2-3 him to get them, and that was after he threatenned to take legal actions against Miki(o).

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What happened to the shister at TokyoHobby...and Area51...

Dunno about Tokyo Hobby, never ordered from them

Area 51 did high quality gear just bl**dy poor on the getting gear to the customer. I had a couple of orders with A51 only one order had a problem (soon to be sorted) I think they stopped serving the airsoft public as it was not cost effective.

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Agh!! I hate Tokyo Hobby. I remember when me and my friends decided to raise out bar in airsoft and start out with Tokyo Marui's, well we foudn Tokyo Hobby and it had the best prices, so we ordered a ton of guns. Well I hate wire transfers(the only way, tokyo hobby allows you to order) Because you send your money to some unknown bank and your screwd. Well it's 36.50 for a wire transfer to Japan, and well, we got Express shipping, speedpost or whatever. The shipping was insane. So it took 2.5 months for my guns to come. I seriously thought it was a scam then, but wasn't sure.

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Yes he is still there, and still up to the same old tricks on top of Airsoft Finland and Tokyo Hobby net he now has yet another web site http://www.wwiiguns.com/


I have now had an order in with him since December 2003, happy anniversary MIKI ,


And so far he has only managed half of it, for this there is absolutely 100 % no excuse.


Latest weeze was to say he had shipped the balance for me to have 1 x TM AK47 arrive by Parcel force.


This guy is a blot on the Japanese Nation, and I am very much suprised they have not done something to close him down. Make the steam roller 2 mph :angry:

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Thanx loads guys for putting up this kinda thread, i was gonna make an order from tokyo hobby with sum buddies, spending over £1000 on AEG's and pistols. but i have now decided to go with anutha site :)


just thought i wuold let you know that threads like do effect wether scammers can keep getting business, you guys may have saved me a lot of truoble :D

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Well, they did eventually delivered my order.. After Arnie posted my review on them... and after a few months of stress and bs and bottom line is they still didn't send 100% of what i ordered... http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/?filnavn=/r...obby_review.htm


But think about the minimal "overhead" for hosting and designing a webstore... Obviously they don't invest money in stocking items. So I think for the business suckers he already got the sites paid for, for a few years at least.


I was lucky to have gotten Arnies help and my dollar amount was low on the order I placed. I do know of people who sent $15,000 - $20,000 (US Based Airsoft Retailers) and never recieved parts... So that would easily pay for the web hosting... Anyway any joker can put a website up with some flashy graphics and low prices. Doesn't mean they'll deliver.


And yeah I tend to only hear form people AFTER they order from Tokyo Hobby and they have problems. So I don't know if they ever reliably shipped any orders.

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Crapola, just got an email from someone else who just ordered from TH in January, 05... I can't believe Tokyo Hobby is still around pulling their same "take your money and don't send product" ######.....

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