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The KJW M9 is still going well, yeah. I don't really fire it (prefer my full-auto GLOCKs for plinking!) but it works. Filling the KJW mag with gas is a pain in the *albatross* though, so I got a TM M9 mag that is better. It's still very gas hungry though.


Yeah that's why I didn't like it, I like my guns to have 'the power' ! :D


I found HFC mags gave the best gas usage for most M92s.


Your photos are good and would make nice wall paper for a website etc.





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Hey, Ghost1, this is Ghost3, nice to see you here. One reason there are so many is that those are not all his rifles, I think 2 are another teammate's. One will have a zeroed day scope and another will have a zeroe'd NV setup.


Took a pic tonight of my addition to the team sniper rifles (yes, I found my 4th box of SGM's!)




Not sure how I want it painted yet...

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"Two of those are other Teammates"


*At the time, only 2 rifles were another team-mates, I have since thinned out the heard. None the less, they are still rifles I have built/modified and or painted.


"Are those all Harris Bipods?"




"but im not feeling for the M24, nor the 700"


*They are all 700's, run on HPA, and dead accurate...

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The HPA allows the sniper to tune them to any field requirements since they vary here. Ghost1 also tuned up my gun, too, and will probably be painting it in the future once I decide how I wanted it painted. Probably something woodland oriented.


Ghost1, yeah, I know, my picture isn't the greatest...


Purity - Mine is a Leapers 3-9x40 w/illuminated reticle, good for low light games.

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