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How to use the Interactive Review System

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Interactive Review System - How-To Guide
Written by R22Master

Welcome to the How-To Guide for the IRS system on Arnie's Airsoft. IRS stands for "Interactive Review System", and provides internet users everywhere with a balanced view of the pros and cons of owning almost any Airsoft product.

Here's how you can make your contribution...

How to use I.R.S.

This system allows users to add their own reviews dynamically without the need for their submission to be coded by Arnie to HTML as with the old system.

There are two main steps to adding your review.

1. If the product you want to review has not already been added to the system

First off, you must "Add your product". Click the "Upload Products" link at the top-right of the screen.


Firstly, select the type of product you are adding - there are different types depending on whether you are adding a product, an event, or a customer service report.

Once you proceed to the next screen, you are asked what category you want to add the product to.


Select the category you want to add the review to and proceed to the next page.

You will now be asked to add the specifics of this particular product...


Add the Manufacturer, the Make/Model of the product, add images from your Hard Drive (if you have them), add keywords that will help people using the Search function, and finally, add a NEUTRAL description of the product in the "Product Description" field. THIS SHOULD NOT BE YOUR REVIEW. THIS SHOULD BE A FEW WORDS TO DESCRIBE WHAT THE PRODUCT IS IN AN UNBIASED WAY. Your review will be added later.

Photos of the item you are reviewing would be ideal, but you can use photos taken from the manufacturer's web site as well. Do NOT use other material from the web that may be copyrighted. PLEASE try to add photos if at all possible. If you can't find one that you can use legally, feel free to copy a photo on Arnie's News section (link).

Once this has been submitted, the product will be added to the system, and then you will be able to add your review. (NOTE: See "Approvals" section below)

2. Adding your review to a product on the system

Once a Product has been uploaded to the system, any number of users can add their own reviews to it. To add your review click the link shown below...


This will present you with the form for adding your review. For Airsoft Products, it looks like this...


Input all the information as shown in this image. Put in what you like about the product, as well as what you hate about it. Tell us how much you paid for it *, whether you would recommend it to anyone and what you would rate it.

* NOTE: The amount you paid should be in UK POUNDS. If you paid US$50 for a product, enter the UK POUNDS equivalent - in this case £30. (US$50 = approx £30). Entering "$50" will result in "£50" being displayed on your review.

In the "Your product review" box, enter your full review comments. Smileys can also be used here, as can BBCode (see the legends to see what works (links to the left of that box)).

Once you submit your comments, they are added to the database.


Everything you submit is subject to moderator approval. Your new products or reviews will NOT appear the moment you send them. Once you submit your Product or Review, a moderator will be notified. He/She will read through your review and if it is acceptable for world-wide publishing, it will be approved and made visible for all the world to see.

This process may take up to a couple of days at most. If your review is not approved, it is likely that it was not suitable for publishing.

Possible reasons why a review is not suitable for approval include...
  • Swearing or profanity
  • Remarkably poor grammar or spelling
  • Comments that just don't contribute anything in the way of a review
  • Spam
  • Blatently false or misleading information
Providing that your submission is of good quality and provides valuable information to the world-wide Airsoft community in a coherent and understandable format, it will be approved.


As this system is accessible to the world, your submission will be published world-wide and as such, a certain level of English grammar and spelling is required. For example, the following examples show the same review typed in two different ways...

i bougt the mauri deagle the other weekend anf it is ta roxxors!11!one i shott 50 bullets from it and it makes a big bang and nevr broke evun if i drop the gun cos its rock hard i hit the target and its accurit really gud i payd100 quid for tha gun and the shop woz friendly i also got bb's the gas issmelly tho i lik this gun an every1 should get 1 2

This review will NOT be approved, as it is almost unreadable and gives no substance to any of the comments made.

I bought the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Hardkick the other weekend and it REALLY impressed me.  I have shot more than 1,000 BBs through it and it has been very reliable (even after I accidentally dropped the gun on the floor).

It makes a big bang on each shot and is very accurate.  I was able to get good groupings at 20 metres, showing that this gun would be excellent for most skirmishes.

I paid only £100 for the gun which is £20 lower than its usual retail price.  The retailer (Gubbins Airsoft Guns) was really friendly throughout the purchasing process - they even gave me a free can of gas!  I also bought a bottle of 6,000 Goldfire BBs with this gun to be sure I wouldn't run out of ammo.

I really like this gun.  It's fun, accurate, powerful and worth every penny.  Everyone who's serious about their Airsoft pistols should have one.

This example will be approved and published without delay!


When you upload a product ensure that you supply an image for it, if you don't have your own locate a manufacturer's image that you can use. Do NOT submit images that you do not have the right to (such as other user's work, or images taken from someone else's website). Images from a retailer's catalog if you bought that product from them would generally be okay so long as you mention where you bought it and link to them.


For the Interactive Review System, products that are naturally above 1 Joule in muzzle energy ARE allowed to be uploaded and reviewed. Saying things like "this really hurts and is great for peppering the ba***rds, hahaha" will not be allowed though.

A "may not be skirmishable" warning may be added to the submitted product details to indicate that the power level might be considered unsafe for gaming.

Other than that, reviewing kit and accessories over 1 Joule is fine.

All other Forum Rules extend to cover this Interactive Review System, unless otherwise contradicted in this FAQ

Enjoy the system and I hope that you all find it a useful and valuable resource :)
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Yes. Editing has now been enabled. Edits are still subject to moderator approval, but using the "Edit" button on the review page will allow the original poster to change their initial review or add bits to it. ;)

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