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Can we start making a seperate thread for picture thread discussion? I have noticed that there is more *chaffinch* chat and discussion in the picture threads than actual pictures. It starts getting annoying when you are looking for/at pictures and then you get like 3 pages of just discussion and only like 1 page of actual pictures.

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I think this has already been suggested? The thing is, people are always going to want to comment on gear and say "ooo what's that? Where did you get it from? How much was it?" ... That's just general interest which is usually popular and far from discouraged....


Anyway, you can use the gallery if you want... but I think the picture thread's a lot more fun. Wouldn't you agree?


I can see where you're coming from though, sometimes there are 10x more text posts to each image...

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i see your point and is is a valid argument, but if your proposed was way is adopted then it would force people to go throught two threads instead of just one. in addition think of our 56k users, its already tough for them to download a few pics, think what will happen to their poor computers when they have to download a whole page of pics (i have a fast comp and doing that even makes my comp freeze).

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