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Pics of your team

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PCA PJ - What kind of belt are you using to hold up your subload?


Looks like one of those belts you get when you buy shorts from American Eagle or something...


Wow yeah... umm Ranger tabs are not something that are easy to earn. And don't give me the ###### about "reenacting" and "paying homage to soldiers". You just want to look like you're the *beep* without earning it. For those of you who are thinking, "Oh wait, those guys might be real", there's a chance, but I have no idea how they got through basic AND Ranger school with a Ranger tab and Ranger scroll on the same sleeve, PLUS a backwards American flag on the wrong sleeve.


Whoa there, chill out.


Just for you, I think I'm going to wear my US Army tape and my SSG ranks... maybe even the Ranger tab I have...


And no, I didn't EARN SSG, nor have I been through Ranger school. But I think I might just WEAR them just for you.


:rolleyes: Get off your high horse and realize that their tabs, scrolls, rank, etc... mean nothing outside of the military world. Do they have a DD214 showing they earned that stuff? NO. Therefore they can't use said patches for personal gain.



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Yeah it's a 226 and no it's not spot-on for the Army SF loadout, but he wasn't willing to buy a new pistol specifically for one two-day event. And I can't blame him.


It's not a Wilcox mount on the Aimpoint but it looks a bit like one.

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