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Pics of your team

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Victory shot. We weren't an official team at that point, but we we're all on the same team now. We had the idea to start the team that day, I joined it a little later.


Anyway, I'm the *fruitcage*stick with the shotgun. My AEG broke, and thats what I had left. I ditched my 2nd line mecause it was meant for said AEG, leaving me with that minimalist setup.

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Hmmm do your neighbours not mind you posing with guns on your street? :P


It's little street near our field... about 1km away.


People know us, one of our members have a caffe bar in same street. We have a good relationship with them. They bring out their children to watch us when we do light camera show.


@jvj danmark


yes... I know... bad thing to do, but you can't see us do that often. maybe it was in rush I dunno. I'm the guy on far right side on that picture.





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Me and my boys, one day before I started basic.

paintball just called; their morons are missing.



seriously guys, are you TRYING to get airsoft banned? your front yard? COME ON...

i love airsoft, and if it gets shafted because of irresponsibility like what is displayed in these pics...


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You know guys believe it or not some towns in the US dont freak out over such things.......incase you didnt know everyone who sees on doesnt phone the police, notice the background, you think people in a small town dont know that the kids play? As well as realize that no way in **** a kid in high school would be toting a real machine gun...


Also i dont understandd why the IDF pictures were scrutinized to such levels as these boys were, as they were very much the same from what i saw

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As well as realize that no way in **** a kid in high school would be toting a real machine gun...




I mean, did you really just say that?


Seriously... Kids can get there hands on most everything these days, especially with the apathetic parents that raise them.


I bought my AR15 at 18 (I think). Granted, I wasn't in high school anymore, but a lot of kids are still in high school at 18.


Tell your above statement to the police. Yeah, I'm sure they'd believe you <_< right after they get done shooting a teenager for not dropping their replica weapons.


I really hope you were being sarcastic.

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reaper: i had multiple firearms when i was in high school. whether neighbors are "freaking out" or not, it is still wrong to do something like that, ESPECIALLY if it puts your life, and more importantly, MY SPORT at risk. ill be damned if i cant play anymore because of idiots like that.


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Please show me a picture of someone in high school who has a real steel m60 in his possession


I said machine gun for a very very good reason,k i did not say sub machine gun, assault rifle, machine pistol or handgun, i said machine gun, allow me to rephrase, a machine gun that is mil issue, and he could only get on the black market.


So no offense Sgt. Bojangles, but take my posts in its literal context, meaning a machine gun is a machine gun.

I too owned firearms in high school, being only a freshman in college I still have them.


Joe, idiots like that, i suppose they are stupid, and it isnt a collective society who looks upon guns as killers in and of themselves. We speak to these kids like their foolish, yet we dont comment on how ridiculous our society have become. Sorry, i just found the level of hostility presented toward them to be too much when other, older members arent treated as such for the same offense. Also I think it is a very high probability that their neighbors are aware of their hobbies and what not.


Take it to pm's if you have anything else thanks.

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