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Pics of your team

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ok folks its been a while since posting but got a couple of pics the other week of the whole team and thought i would share.


86th s.o.a.r. (spec ops admin and records)




and a picture of me and my brother...i'm the good looking one on the left! lol




any advice or comments on what we can do to make things better much appreciated.



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Had a little photoshoot with 6 of our teams 14 members, our gear is loosely based on the Russian unit Vostok.

Me bottom center.


Gear listed:

Gorka S

Gorka E Summer Partizan








Noname KingArms chestrig

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Good looking team! Maybe lose the bright blue snow gloves, though? ;)


And I don't wanna be "that guy" but you seem to have by far the hottest airsofter I've seen there!

Yeah, we noticed that on the end of the day sadly.

And you're not "that guy", you're "one of those guys" :P




Thanks guys for the comments.

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Looking good. But, what if you all got matching head-wear? I think that it would look better.





Aint many people with matching headgear in Vostok and Zapad battalions. And about that fur hat, well, yeah we don't have high gear demands and Joel is a special guy :D

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