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TM 93r MAEG review

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TM 93r MAEG review


NOTE: Click the images in this review for the full size.


I have long loved the 93r as a gun. Its basically a big 92fs. Its like the designer was told to make a 92fs on speed. The real steel version is justly famous for its enormous kick on burst mode and the fact that it is one of the most over the top and silly guns ever.




I mean the nature of this gun (much like the micro Uzi) is that you are quite likely to blow your own fingers off reaching for that front grip. Crazy! I personally came to know and love this gun...






Let me know what you think!



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nice reivew


out of interested how much did you spend on everyting so far??


one minor thing though, the video was super low quality any chance of a better video and closer to the gun??





not sure - 200 ?



video = mobile phone and i dont want to screw my bandwidth, will see about a better one

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Good review! Strange about the standard batt.


So last night, I dreamt that some dude gave me a 93r. Later on, I shot three chicks and a kid with it. But they were armed, and they were terrorists/traitors/infiltrators. At least I was positive two of the chix were.


I think I had that dream because I read your review before going to bed last night. Thanks for a good time! :D

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Addendum to the review:


Problems so Far


The rear sight fell off!



SuperGlue to the rescue!


Also the gun fires similar when empty and full.  So it is very important to count your shots/bursts.






Last night I took the gun to a skirmish at Electrowerkz and gave it a full nights play.  My impressions are:


1. This gun fires all its BB’s very fast on full auto.

2. BB speed in the air is FAR less than my DE and you can float shots into targets.

3. The torch is bloody fantastic and quite able to highlight people hidden by pitch blackness from a very long range.

4. The gun fires well on semi and the hop up is excellent. 

5. Tactically the way to go is highlight the target and walk bb’s into him on semi.


All in all it played very very well.  I had a good night and in one game got 7 people to surrender all at the same time!  Breaking Situpkings record from AG-05 (nice!).


I also used the pistol in an attacking rush and it worked very well to flank the opposition side by side to my DE.


There were a lot of people there last night due to the Channel 4 Film crew turning up.  So things got a little hectic.


Here is a picture of my arm after the action.






9/10!  Wow!


Fantastic, TM have done it again!





If you have liked or not liked this review then please leave a comment



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Iv seen bashos 93r in action and all i can say is wow and after he removed the front grip and added the tm torch wow wow :D


guys if you haven't already go out and get your self the 93r or its little brother the glock 18c these guns are for skirmishers and wont appeal to some players because there isn't a working slide but for sheer playablity theres isn't a airsoft pistole that can match these guns for rate of fire and accuracy although the fps is a tad lower then guns that ride on green they simply make up for that with rate of fire my thoughts are these little babys will be well suited for cqb and urban :gun2:

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