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Pics Of Your Guitar

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Now, I know this may have e=been done before, but I searched, and also there is nothing in the pics thread. So I thought Id start this thread. I just got my epiphone les paul custom in alpine white today :D


P.S. Off topic: is there a way to do upload multiple images to imageshack at once? I am a paying customer to them after all :huh:


And ignore the crud in my room lol



dsc022532dj.th.jpg dsc022511js.th.jpg

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Is it too....bling?

It's nice, but I am still not a fan of the binding on a Les Paul, it just doesn't feel very nice. So I got a LP-100, nothing special, BustBucker 3 and a Pro in it right now, sounds awesome. I'll get a picture up when I can. And then when I get it, my Taylor. Muwaha!

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After getting my eppy, it made me realize, I want a real Les Paul. Too bad I am screwed with money at the mo.

You're an airsofter. You should be used to this by now! :P


I have an epiphone guitar, I don't really play it though. I was thinking of selling it but Ghost_Rider wants to learn, and I like the idea of eventually finding the time to learn properly :)

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Well, the main difference between the two is the kind of wood, and the neck length. The Gibson has a shorter neck, which I like because on stage I tend to be very mobile and my eppy is hard to do that with. But I still love it nonetheless. Screw it, I want my KJW M700!

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Heh i'll take a pic of mine once my camera has finished charging, i have an old squire fat strat, a mexican telecaster, and a gothic series flying v.


And i'm selling my V, i just don't get as much use out of it, it's a pit of a posers guitar anyway, gonna fit my tele with some mother buckers and a black pick guard soon.


Also: Pods FTW!


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this is my kinda thread.


the only thing i like more than airsoft is playing guitar






fender standard strat limited edition finish

1962 fender telecaster custom

1972 fender telecaster custom


i also have a fender acoustic, an epiphone violin bass im borrowing off my mate and another 60's no name telecaster that was my dads.


im very much a fender man, and mroe so a telecaster man.

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richie... you still replying???  :huh:

[lie] dang.....photobucket was slooooooooooow tonight.[/lie] And it had nothing to do with the fact i was cleaning up my room behind the guitars :blush:


Oh yeah, forgot this one,

Richie Sambora Strat


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