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Pics Of Your Guitar

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Dropped middle pickup means greatly reduced volume in the middle selector setting only, but removes that annoying piece of plastic from interfering with your strumming.


Also, you get a nicer tone from positions 2 and 4 in my opinion.


Pics please Dave!



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just a couple of mine as promised. as you can see, they dont get used much at the moment, the cases are filthy.








thats my special edition mexican fender strat. tried to get an idea of the finish, clearly its not gloss and doesnt get sticky when it gets sweaty. the finish is nice and smooth, almost exactly like your teflon frying pan. its mega.


and while i was under the bed i fished out my other case.








1962 Fender Telecaster custom. its the biz. absolutely supremely amazing guitar.

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my 2 ibanez 7 strings, one stock the other with a stealth pro sustainer and a dimarzio X2N in the bridge.





got an s470dxqm in the blue moon burst with a full evolution set but i havent played it for months so looking to sell it as i always reach for my 7's now.

got a zr7 trem and some other parts sitting about waitng for jaden to finish his promo work and build me a custom body 7 wish hsh and the zr7 trem plus some oher fun things like midi and a proximith wah hidden in one of the horns :P

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That finish is a lot like the satin nitrocellulose finishes on the Highway One model guitars, no?


Lovely Tele - could do with a clean though!


My new guitar should be here around the 25th of April :lol:




hmmm, not quite. my friend has a highway 1 tele, and the finish is definitely not the same. it really is hard to describe. my strat is a different colour in different lights, and the finish is very 'teflony' as i said. ive never picked up a guitar with the same type of finish. the guitar is stock other than the gold woodscrews (dont ask :vodka: ). i tried to find some pics on google, but typing in 'fender satin strat' doesnt get you much. theres just not many pictures of these about apparently.

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Here are some better pictures of my main workhorse, a couple of general ones, and also some to show the pickup configuration and scalloping.










First post on the new forum look :bleh:




EDIT:: Also, M.G. - My DiMarzio HS-3 came from JadenRose's online eBay store :lol:

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Triple post.


Just replaced the tremelo block in my number one strat.


The original was a poor quality pot-metal alloy, probably with lead shavings to make it heavier.


Guy on eBay machined me a great quality one out of steel. He can do pretty much any block (I sent him mine to replicate), and all for less than £30.00 including postage!


First unplugged impressions - a nice increase in sustain. The guitar isn't really louder (acoustically - it was loud anyway for an electric), but the notes seem more defined, and much clearer.


A great way to make a basswood or alder bodied electric sound more expensive!


The weight increase was approximately three ounces.



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Only been playing for 6 years so far, so not many in the collection. All of them strung with Elixir's. The sound may take some getting used to, but they last for-flaming-ever!


-Fender Stratocaster (California series?). Bought second hand 3 years ago, not great, but good enough.




-Yamaha FG730S. My baby. A Christmas present from my parents 4 years ago. Sounds beautiful, feels smooth. I know there may be better guitars out there, but I love her just the same


-Ashton D-25VNT. The *bramston pickle* child. Designed in Aussie, made in China, can't think of much worse :D. Was worth $200 when I bought it new, probably not worth a quarter of that today. The bridge was too high, until it cracked, and broke, but if anything that made it easier to play, and now it sounds better! He's beaten up, and scratched, and worn, but I love him just the same. Was my first guitar, and I can't stand to part with it. May upload some more up to date photos of it later. It's the one covered in stickers. These pictures are a couple of months old, so it's had a *few* more added in that time. When I got the Yamaha it was re-assigned to the role of the guitar that lives in the boot of my car, and goes to all the parties and social events. It's the guitar that someone always ends up playing at about 2AM, leading everyone else in a chorus of "Wonderwall". My friends have probably played it more than I have. But hey, that's what I reckon playing guitar is all about, that why I love it.

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My two guitars, first is an anonymous Japanese nylon string, belonged to my grandfather, clean crisp sound, though the D string is a *badgeress* and a half to tune. Second is an Ibanez strat, GiO mk II, with a black silk tie with red strat motif tied round the neck :P.

First attempt at photograph with a mediocre digital point and shoot.

My dad has a beautiful Gibson, though its in a locked case...


Edit: WOW :wide-eyed:, massive images, my bad..

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Here's an axe I made for everyday use and on a budget, still a work in progress:

RG 450 neck

GFS RG basswood body (~$20 blemished)

Kahler 2760 Steeler ('80s licensed Floyd Rose, 'Lawsuit era' discontinued IIRC)


To do:

-X2N and D-Activator X pickups

-Proper wiring and jack installation

(I've tested it, but had to hard wire it with alligator clips to a cable)

-Selector switch

-New set of strings and adjustment



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Progress: Phase II




Planning on a single volume and maybe two tone pots. The killswitch will be placed closer to the strings, but I haven't decided exactly where yet.

I also have something different planned for the selector.


I've changed the strings and got to properly play it. I was surprised how weighty the basswood felt.



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some nice guitars there, more of a fender man myself. really like the orangey burst Strat.


though saying im a fender man, i brought a couple of things yesterday, had a bit of a naughty splurge. egged on by my mate who works in the shop knocking money off, and my complete inability to not buy stuff i dont need, i ended up with a new Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro, and even more unexpectedly an Orange Micro Terror valve head and matching cab. and a padded guitar bag, and a cable. they are both mega, the amp is absolutely unbelieveably good. would reccommend to anyone.












and as an idea of the size of the amp



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