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Pics Of Your Guitar

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Funny thread :)

Sorry I don't have pics with launchers :D

In order of appearance in my life (since 5) :

-Crappy classical (have two, the second is the 1/4 for children obviously)

-Electro-accoustic Kent (vintage imitation found in garbage)

-Lyon Washburn (bought to play in my first rock band)

-Jackson Dinkey EX with EMG 81/S/89 (to follow my hard rock needs)

-Vline sword shaped (custom which belonged to laurent voulzy, a french singer, full carbon)

-BC Rich warlock translucent (very nice and ultra heavy plexiglass, with ultra distortion pickups, i play SOAD stuff with it)

-Music man john petrucci (was my dream as a fan of dream theater, and willing to play hard stuff)

-Music man john petrucci (with piezzo and green/red/violet cameleon color, to continue playing the stuff i love !)


That's all for my babies :D

I think i'll buy a 7 strings red music man JP, but i don't even think about selling all non music man guitars, would break my heart to get a few bucks for it :(

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i thought the same two things dude. but i am converted.


the guitar i got (Seagull) was half price at my shop. it cost me 172 pounds, and i have seen it on the internet priced between 350-400 pounds. it was half price becasue it had a couple of marks no bigger than half a finger nail. and it needs new strings.


the tuning is easy once you know it.


the guitar is tuned as follows (low E group at top)


e (octave up)


a (octave up)


d (octave up)


g (octave up)







as you can see, the top 8 strings are paired in standard/octave up tuning, and the bottom pairs tuned to the same note.


easy. pics soon

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That's a way to do, but a 12 strings guitar is not used basically to play 2 notes chords automatically ;)

Usually we set the 2 or 3 first strings to up octave, and the others in 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th or whatever ;)

This allows to play rythm+melody with effects (nostalgic tones etc...)

Your config is what a simple pedal can do :(

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yes but what you just said above flies completely over my head. :blink:


alhtough i have been playing for about 2 years, i am compeltely self taught. hence any technical knowledge of music and how it is constructed i know nothing about. i dotn knwo abotu scales, keys, song construction, 7th's, 8th's, minors all that ###### i dont know.


i can play songs, and i can write stuff that sounds good. whether it is 'properly constructed' is another matter, and one which i am nto bothered about. to me, if it sounds good, its fine.


anyways, here are some pics of my guitars, inclding my new Seagull 12-string.



L-R, T-B :- 1962 Fender Telecaster Custom, 1972 Fender Telecaster Custom, Fender Standard Stratocaster Limited Edition Finish (with red tape on :huh: ) Seagull Cedar 12+ Acoustic 12 String, Fender DG Acoustic.





the electrics are posted elsewhere in this thread. and i am VERY much a Fender man. had a Les Paul, sold it. tried an SG, for about 1 minute. tried a 335, didn't bother.

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Well mate :)

Sorry for making you feeling uncofortable ;)

I just exposed the classical sad conservatory use of a 12 string, i've never had one furthermore...

So excuse me ;) Do it your way, you'll always be right, as soon as you feel the groove ;)

Cheers !

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to be honest, i had never played a 12 string until the day i brought this one (yes, that is pretty impulsive, especially as i cant afford this guitar <_< ).


i played a Faith 12 string earlier in the day, which was nice, but expensive and the wrong colour.


then i played this one, loved it, found out is was half price, and my mate brought it for me.


so i know mext to nothing about the implementation of a 12 string, but what i do know is that they sound SOOOOOO much better than a 6 string when chording...

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