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Pics Of Your Guitar

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Ok this is some of my guitars.

Ibanez Destroyer


Squire strat that i have striped


7 string epiphone LesPaul Flametop


Rockwood strat signed by Ozzy Osbourne


Sig up close


Some *suitcasey* Peavey bass


And my two babys!

Epiphone Gothic Explorer




I also have a Rockwood bass, a Yamaha RBX170 bass and a stagg semi accoustic guitar. I also used to own a Ibanez RG170DX(i think that was the one) and a Bronze series B.C.Rich warlock which i have sold. thanks


P.S sorry for the sizes... :D

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shameless plug here guys - anybody want to buy an Amercian highway 1 Telecaster in Blonde with a RW fretboard ?


absolutly mint condition, selling on behalf of a good mate, he hasnt played it, only had it a month.


unfortunately xmas means he cant afford it.


PM for details. looks identical to the guitar in the link below.


The EXACT guitar

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Ha! I just entered the world of guitars a few days ago. :)

I decided to get the B.C. Rich Son Of Beast, which you can see here:



(The photo is by www.musiciansfriend.com)


But despite its look, this guitar isn't half as evil as my playing stile - I can't play a single chord as of now :)

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I dont know persoanlly but I have heard that the Epi and Gibson sound similar :) but im sure there are variables.

That might be because they are the same company, epiphone make cheaper machine built guitars rather than the expense materials and hand built Gibsons. Not that im sayin epis are bad they make some of the best guitars you can get within there price range (id have one :) ) but when you hear one of each played through the same amp you notice the difference. Best guitar ive evr played is a 60s Les Paul. Speaking of which Ibanez are also directly related to Gibson but I believ that they have bought the rights to stand as a seperate company.

I found this thread after talking to another member of my band bout what guitars we are goin to get next. Right now im on my first guitar a yamaha pacifica but so far ive got almost 100 squid saved towards my 300 target to get an Ibanez 370dx.

Cracker love the double neck SG I cant look at it without thinkin of Jimmy Page :D . ScreaminWeasel your black telecaster is lovely :D. Pure hatred love the LTD i play the guitar verion of it F50 the body is one of the most comfortable guitars i have ever played and its unique too. Soz for longish post jus catchin up

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