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Pics Of Your Guitar

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I have 2 mates, one has the ESP KH202 and the other has a KH203.

Both of which are very nice.


yeah i have the KH-202, its not as expensive as the KH-2 or the KH-602 but to be honest, it wasnt worth my while shelling out an extra £600 on top of the £500 price tag for the KH-202.


anyway, *fruitcage* it, im happy....its what the player does with the instrument, not what the instrument does for the player ;)...well, thats what us poor guitarists say anyway :)


stay frosty, ant

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Ibanez Iceman:



Telecaster I built (still needs pickups and a maple neck :) )



Old picture of the gear (the posters are there to cover up the holes in the wall, just incase you were wondering why they looked so suspicious :D )



And in 8 days i get my ovation electro acoustic :wub:

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Guitarjunkie, you are my *fruitcage* hero.





Fender Strat Standard






Ibanez Iceman.


But seriously, guitarjunkie, the Iceman is very sentimental to me. It was the guitar that got me into playing guitar. It's been my favorite forever. That guitar means so much to me...

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Oooh same as, i saw daron malakian with one and HAD to get it. I brought it last christmas for just under £300, then they dropped the prices by like £50 but it was worth it, its a brilliant guitar and i have no complaints about it whatsoever, just that you will need straplocks, its a heavy gutiar and the way the strap pin is located the strap will just slip off. Have fun when you get yours! :D


And thanks for the +1 :D

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I've started posting on Youtube. Enjoy!


Solo - To Be With You:



Solo - Just Take My Heart:



2nd Verse to Outro Solo - More Than Words



Outro Solo Only - More Than Words


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Right ok, for the Dimebag fans out there, the Dimebag Far Beyond Driven Tribute guitar in Brasilia burst finish with dimebucker seymour duncan at the bridge and the stock 'bucka at the neck, 22 frets with mother of pearl inlays and a bi-colour floyd rose tremolo system.


The image is off the net but mine is exactly the same :)




sorry for the size guys but it deserves a big space :)

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