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KJW P8 (metal slide version)

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Please post your comments about the KJW P8 (metal slide version) review. Thanks folks,





Great review, cheers, been after one of these for a while.


Infact I've been waiting since June for BBT to get back to me on the status of my order (they seem to have stopped answering emails too).


Unfortunate that they are the only UK suppliers



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I've never tested how long the gas can stay in my GBB mags. Usually I'd shot it within a week. It'd probably be ok if the mag doesn't leak in a day or two (enough for gaming purposes). I wouldn't mind if it doesn't last a month. (Of course, it's even better if it does last for months and years. :))

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Thanks for the posative feedback guys.

I decided to leave one mag half full of Abby Ultra gas for a while & check the results.



Its been that way for about two months now & is still holding.


Generally you shouldnt leave more than about a 2 sec squirt of HFC134a gas in your mag whatever brand it is so the results i found were pleasing.


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Nice review dude. I got one of these second hand. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it or sell it on. Have you had any problems with the mags leaking gas? Oh, and cheers for the tip about the mags spring, wondered what was causing the double feed. :)



:) was that the one i sold you.

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