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Marushin COP 357 review

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The "feel" of the COP is in a class of its own. I haven't felt any other gun that's like it. The short grip is a little awkward. You can say the small grip has the feel of the traditional 2-barrel derringer, with the addition of a hard trigger pull. The trigger pull is hard, especially when your near the end and trying to trip the hammer. I would aim first, pull the trigger about 80% through, aim again, then give an extra squeeze to fire.

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(just pictures a policeman doing this..

aims.. squeezes.... calls out.. "excuse me. EXCUSE ME.. do you mind NOT moving?.. I am TRYING to aim at you here.. ... thank you"... etc :o:P


But with the power, the effective range at a human sized target would be what.. 15m?.. and even then, just normal squeezing of the trigger?...


cheers. :)

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*resurrecting dead topic*


just bought myself a COP this weekend. i saw it at my local airsoft dealer when buying some BB's and i couldn't resist this cute little thing.


first thing i dit was testing it. you can get this gun up to, and over 1 joule using green/yellow gas and sunny weather, leading to good velocity, nice range, but sad accuracy


will do some more testing soon, with room temperature, gas brands, bb weights and exact joules

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