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Pictures of your Weapon

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wow... 164 pages huh?


my turn. of course, I don't have any decent pictures of my sniper rifle, or a couple of electrics, or a few more pistols.


in the words of shaun of the dead....






Where'd you get that laser unit on the glock? I like it.

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Gotta love real Acogs (and those two in that pic, are) and crane stocks.

Couldn't resist, had to add these pics of mine. Two real Acogs as well for me, a TA31F (the one with the BAC Chevron reticle) and the more common TA01NSN.



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Yeah its just got khaki and brown on it.  But since i painted my entire gun im gonna have to sand it down and try to remove some of the paint and give it a fresh coat of black.  After that i think i can do it.



Hmm, risky.


Sanding the paint down could damage the surface, try some paint remover (not a solvent). My friend used some aerosol paint remover to remove the green paint in his XBOX jewl, worked great. I'll dig up the name of this stuff.





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Solo, they looks lovely, and remind me that I don't necessarily need a RIS system for my M4 :D


Right on matey, and thanks. Unfortunately even the cheapr between the two (TA01) costs itself as a whole airsoft, upgraded rifle ($800 US, if I am not wrong).


BUT it's worth it, and keeps its value well I believe.


RIS or not to RIS: well, I like a RIS. And I'm waiting for one to be shipped to me as we speak BUT I had to get a real Knights' or nothing else would fit that freaking Systema M4






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Solo, you certainly dont look "old". If you dont mind me asking, what do you do for a living and how can i get into it so that i can afford the kind of toys you have? :D


To whitefeather and anyone else that might care: Half of my parts are arriving tomorrow btw so hopefully in the next few days ill be able to get the gun at least fully assembled. I stupidly managed to get a 100 dollar ticket on my way to an airsoft game this past sunday so i wont be able to fully accessorize my rifle in the manner i had originally planned. At least the gd rifle will be working though. <_<

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You think you're old at age 36? Age is a state of mind as far as im concerned.


We have a few guys in their 40's and one approaching 50 in our club. Our team leader if i recall correctly, is 48 years old and is easily one of the better players in south florida.


Solo, you're either an extremely talented web designer or you own that recording studio. Which one is it? :D

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