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Pictures of your Weapon

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KSC Mk23 '05 Hardkick, my favorite gun. ever. :P




KJW P14 full metal, with some parts polished. i sorta wanna lose this gun, i cant stand 1911's. $50.




CA m15a4, my work horse, displaying its perfect balance :P




misc. pics


mvc607f3hw.th.jpg mvc608f9bh.th.jpg

mvc609f2zb.th.jpg mvc614f0cx.th.jpg

mvc589f6he.th.jpg mvc590f0pc.th.jpg

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Ziggy, contrary to what everyone says, i love the box mag, it makes the gun look beefier ;) Love the foregrip. THe things I didnt like were the taped up pistol grip and the battery box. A battery box on that small of a gun(i know you are going to say "but you said the box mag looked cool"...) definetly takes the sleek look out of it. Overall, I'm really impressed you did most of this by yourself :)


*edit* ANd also like scotty said, you could put maybe clear out the box mag, then somehow attach a vn mag to the inside, so that the mag can also hold your battery. Probably more trouble than its worth, though

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This is not my rifle, but it is incredibly SEXXY! I would really love to replicate this, but it is going to cost an arm and a leg for me, any how. Im sure a few of you guys here could afford it, though.


SPR type rifle


I like it except for that ugly stock...eww. I think that sopmod or crane stock would look sweet there instead.

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eh what the heck. i thought i would throw up a pic of my 552SD, i would throw up a pic of my m16 but its still out of action.

tm sig552

systema bushings and m100 spring

TM scope rail and knights QD style silencer

ics peq2 laser battery box

vertical grip


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Yes, it is chambered for 6.8mm, and yes it is a LaRue RIS.


I just wanted to say that I take NO credit for that rifle AT ALL! It is NickDrak's rifle (over at ar15.com).


Anywho, one of the reasons I like the rifle so much is because of the VLTOR stock. In my opinion, a crane stock of sorts would be far too short, and a regular solid stock is too bland. Id rather have the VLTOR stock or a long skeleton stock.

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Finally got my digital camers to work :) so i just thought i'd show you guys my little collection... It will grow soon though...



TM M3 Shortie

TM Desert Eagle (my fave)

Cheap springer robocop gun... (gonna see what i can do with the spring though ;) )




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