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Walther Picture Thread

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The weight of the PPQ is actually not that far off from the RS one. This is ~633 grams and RS with empty magazine is 680 grams.

Balance is different though, the RS one should be a bit more front heavy when empty where as with most A/S the weight is concentrated in the grip when loaded. This is really only noticeable since I am used to my steel slide Glocks.


good job on the stippling


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Too bad to hear problems with the PPQs. I will still probably grab one.


As a Bond fan I have a soft spot for the PPK, but I much prefer the more modern handguns like the PPQ, PPX, and P99. Would be could to see an airsoft PPS...

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ha ha...!!! I actually liked thatit's gold!!

Surely it will never see a field, so it's nice to have the bling factor on it!! LoL!!


It's much nicer close!!




I have a couple of rare spare-parts for your PP if your interested,

A KM Stainless Silver hammer and trigger set.

I wouldn't recommend taking the gun apart to install them yourself unless you did the original build,

as it can be quite tricky, let me know if your interested Wolf.



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