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Walther Picture Thread

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I have been slow about posting this gun up but I finally have pictures. I actually bought and received this from hkssr20det quite a while ago but I have been distracted by work/other projects lately. I have always been a PPK/s fan so I figured that this little gun would be fun. It's actually a very nice replica but I have found that I don't use it very often. Still, it looks good and is a fun thing to have in my collection. There's also not many of these guns around that are fully upgraded so it is fairly unique.












Maruzen Walther PPK/s (New Type)

Maruzen Suppressor(Long Type)

Maruzen Threaded Outer Barrel (Silver)


Guarder Loading Nozzle


KM TN 6.04mm Tight Bore (w/ Stock Outer Barrel)

KM Stainless Hammer

KM Stainless Trigger

KM TN Hi Flow Valve (and Diverter)

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can i join in? :P


No. You're not allowed. Your stuff is too amazing and makes us all sad. :P



As for my pitiful contribution (how can you follow a custom WA2000???); this is the latest movie prop series. I bought it without the light and i am contemplating which metal slide to get for it, any suggestions?












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I've heard the Prime metal slides are simple to install and dont require any modification. Zeke's on the other hand require some modification.

I havn't heard anything on the shooters design version yet tho.




Candyman: Its nice to see more WA2000s. Treat her well!

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question, Casino Royale(2006) was on TV last night here, and I was looking at the P99 he used in the film, does the silencer looks to have a bigger OD in the film than Maruzen's?


Yes it does as the one used in the film is a blank firer. I have one, and you can tell the difference between the two, mainly though, just look at the frame, you will see straight away that the rail at the front goes straight off the end instead of stopping. The list of differences is numerous, but a few others are the guide rod, it is thinner on the blank gun, although I believe that Umarex may have rectified this with the newer version, which also has a more realistic slide (the frame remains the same wrong one though), and if you look at the ejection rod it is kind of a double rod, at the back there is no loaded chamber indicator, and of course it is a straight blowback instead of a rocking barrel, so the ejection port doesnt sit locked up in its correct position but lower down. I can post pictures comparing the three if you all would like, but I do not have them to hand at the moment, I would have to take some pictures at the weekend.


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Prime metal slide installed today. It fit on perfectly but be warned, theres a lot of springs near the rear sight! I think there were 5.


Shes also got a Firefly recoil spring guide and Firefly high-flow valves.

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Watz....that looks great...i love the Interams trades on there. Where'd you get the slide? Redwolf? And aside from the spring issue, was it a pain in the *albatross* to install?


Yeah I got it from redwolf and they sent it with the trademarks exposed.

The numerous springs are the main issue. Theres just a certain process to go about it. At first I thought they had to all go in at the same time and it was impossible.


Aside from that, I think im going to experiment with a stronger recoil spring as this one is kind of sluggish. The stock one yields the same result.



I'll try and get a better picture later since that one is pretty crappy.

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The numerous springs are the main issue. Theres just a certain process to go about it. At first I thought they had to all go in at the same time and it was impossible.


Any chance of a brief run through of how easy it is to do, as I feel that I would like to fit a metal slide on mine also, but I am scared that I will break it!


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