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Post Pictures of your magazines/clips

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What's really weird is that my CAm15 likes some mags but not others. Now i know that STARs are a lost cause in a CA (in mine they get stuck in the magwell....) but they vary so much. I mean 5 of my TM locaps fit fine, but 2 just don't want to go.


I had that very same problem too mate with my CA M15a4, I resorted to taking a small needle file to the magwell and removed about 0.5 - 1.0 mm off each face of the magwell, and now any armalite/STANAG mag fits and works :D

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This is a great idea I need to inventory these things


MidCaps/Standard/Pistol Mags(Left Side from Top)

1x WE Baby Hi Capa Mag

1x G&G SL9 std mag

2 x WA 1911 mags

2x Maruzen CA 870 mags

3x TM Mk23 mags

2x KSC Mk23 mags

2x KWA M92 mags

2x Glock 17 mags

1x TM m92 mag

1x TM m92 mag chrome

7x G&P M4 Midcaps

4x G&P M4 Midcaps thermal

8x MAGS M4 Midcaps Hk

9x G&P M16 Vn Midcaps

1x TM G3 std mag

2x G&G UMG std mags

1x TM M14 std mags

2x TM Mp7 std mags

High Caps (Right Side from Top)

1x Star Box mag Mk 240

1x TM Mp7 hicap

4x CA G36 hicaps

8X CA M4 hicaps

2x G&G M4 hicaps

2x CA M16 VN hicaps

3x G&G UMG hicaps

3x TM G3 hicaps

3x CA G3 hicaps

2x TM M14 hicaps

2x TM M16 VN hicaps

3x CA AK hicaps

1x G&G AK hicap

Whew!!!!!! :blink::blink::blink: 82 magazines total

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My mags.




Starting top left:


12 STAR SA80 RG mags

7 G&P M16VN mags

2 M190 mags

10 Marushin M1 Garand clips

1 Tanio-Koba VP70 mag

2 Marui Hi-Capa mags

3 KJW 1911 mags

2 KSC CZ75 mags

1 Marushin Bren-10 mag

1 Marui Desert Eagle mag

6 Marui Hicap M1A1 mags

1 Marui standard M1A1 mag

2 Marui standard MP5 mags

12 STAR MP5 mags

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Some star mags some midcaps 12 AUG locaps plus a taken apart one that is for the complicated feed system on the sniper project.

two UMP mags (locap).

12 .44magnum 8mm shells in speedloaders

2 g+p slugs

1 moscart slug

4 24 rnd moscarts

1 8mm moscart

25 shotgun shells

1 Glock MAEG mag 2 others lost :(

1 Detonics combat master mag. I wish I could find more.

9 TMP mags + 1 other on loan

I have two P226 mags too but that gun is on loan

I also have a APS2 mag in my Delisle.


That'll do for now. I want another detonics, two more Glock, a P226, Three more TMP, two more UMP more moscarts (mad bull type) and 6 more .44s then I will be happy (until I get a new gun)



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I know I was thinking the other day. I have one of each.


Electric rifle

gas rifle

spring rifle


electric pistol

gas blow back pistol

gas non blow back pistol



Shell ejector shotgun


Grenade launcher


Lots of different mags. lots of money. Just for 10 TMP mags is £350 quid.


You could get a maxxed out AEG for that.



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