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Post Pictures of your magazines/clips

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That is the springer mag but it is from an APS based delisle combat carbine, have a lollypop:



Tom the mag you thought was springer is the mag from a Marui Steyr MGB NBB and the unidentified mags are from the Sig 55X series


The only HiCap is the G3 one. Realcaps soon.



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Most of my collection sans 6 SV Compact mags, 1 ppk mag, 1 TM 1911 mag, and one First M4 Chemical Mag.



Various TM M4(First, Diablo, G&P, TM, Star) Mags x12

PTW Mags x10

G&P AK mags x9

TM P90 mag x2

KA AK mag x1

TM Sig mag x1

G&P Uzi mag x1

Star L85 mag x1




Maruzen Shot shells x106

Tanaka Shells x16

WA .45 (8 Wilson, 2 Hicap) mags x14

TM 1911 mags x10

KSC Glock mags x12

KSC M11 mag x8

TM Mk23 Mag x4

KSC USP Compact Mag x4

TM P226 Mag x3

Maruzen PPK mag x3

KJW Ruger mag x3

Marushin Ruger mag x1

Marushin Automag Mag x1



TM Shot Shell x2


Thats 100 mags plus the 9 missing mags plus the 123 shells...######, now i gotta put em all back... :blink:

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Armalite Mags:





8 Thermold midcaps

7 G&P VN Midcaps

34 MAG Midcaps

49 Star Lo Caps






5 Cyma Hicaps

3 Cyma AEP standards


3 TM 1911 mags (not shown


Plus M4 Magazine bb loader and Smoke Grenade bb Loader, also have a ton of assorted R6 mags and springer mags......May have more Star lo's floating around too...moving is a pain.

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Surely you don't use all of them per game? :unsure:



I carry bout 12 mags depending on the length of the game..... 6 in my LBV and 6 in alice pouches, soemtimes ill trow more in a dump or butt tho, depends on the game.


If we are playing lo's only I will take as many mags as I can carry.


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