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OP: IRENE III, Zussman Urban Combat Facility

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I didn't see any threads on the wrap up for this event, but I just had to post some pictures. This event was by far the coolest event I've attended since getting into airsoft in 2002.


Mods: If this breaks some rules, feel free to delete this thread. I'm still pumped up about IRENE III and wanted to share it with people who would appreciate it.


The environment and event was beyond words, so I'll just post a few before the pictures.


- 310 + Players on 2 companies

- Civilian Role Players

- Col. Danny McKnight, USA Ranger (Ret.), Battle of Mogadishu / Blackhawk Down

- MSGT Howard "Mad Max" Mullen, USA Ranger (Ret.)

- Civilian Vehicles

- Armed Technicals

- M113 APC's

- A complete city to fight in, woods, sewers, houses, commercial building, junkyard, school, you name it

- Burning building and vehicles

- Pyrotechnics (RPG's, smoke, flares, explosions)


Like I said an amazing event, probably the best I've been to. Here are the pics:


Aerial of the AO



Down Town



Residential Area






Burning House



Burning Truck



Armed Technical



My team, Team TAC, Cleveland, Ohio, USA



My team, Team TAC, Cleveland, Ohio, USA





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The event was beyond words in awesomeness.


I have some pictures of It I'll post up later.


For all of those who want to see more pictures as well:


www.oplionclaws.com has them in the gallery -plus in the forums under Irene III.



Cheers! Hope to see some of you guys out there soon.



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Damn! I had signed up to go, but it was all booked with just the Vet's. It looks like one AMAZING event. Glad you enjoy it <_<:P

Same deal. With all the vets from the previous events going, the open spots filled quickly. Wish I would have got a chance to go.


My goal in life is to build something similiar to the MOUT training ground. One day....

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Op: Irene is a memorial event for the guys from Gothic Serpent (Blackhawk Down). The picture that you refer to is from the Sunday Mission that simulated the events from Mogadishu. I wasn't at the crash site when the photos were taken, but I think the foam sticks were so the civilians could bang on stuff and people without harming anything. The whole weekend had us interacting with the civilians to keep them safe, out of the way, and prevent them from doing harm to our forces. Just part of the scenario.

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i attended this myself charlie Co 3-2 . this was just the most amazing event i have ever been too. im still jacked up about it, i hope its at the same place next year.

nextmayor is was a honor to chew the same dirt as you and team TAC.


thats me in the center of the pic with the yankees cap on backwards


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I was the 1st Platoon Sgt, and the Col. had me running around a lot, but I think I recognize you. What a great event.


Just picked one of these up as a souvenir.





It's a full metal copy of the TM Hi Capa with Irene III logo's and Serial numbers. I think it's made by WE, but Airsoft Elite made these up for the event. Should be here Monday or Tuesday.

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The heavy machine gun was on the zebra painted technical (pick up truck) I pictured in my first post. It was a prop only. Some sort of electro / propane deal. Didn't shoot any bb's, but was loud as heck and really added to the atmosphere of the game.


They had a second once of these MG simulators in the back of a jeep. That one was our wake up call on both Sat. and Sun. The jeep comes tearing down the road by the camp grounds with these long bursts. All in all pretty cool.

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