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DPM picture contest as requested by LJ

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Hoi mates,


i've a special question about the tapes on the vests/body armors:




As shown in this pic: I know the meanings of the yellow marked numbers/letters, but what does the orange mared mean?

Is it the personal ID? How is build up? Are the letters the first in the name and forename of the soldier? Or has they anything to do with his unit? Are the numbers the date of birth or the soldier's "serial number" (i ask 'bout the brithdate, cause in the german Bundeswehr we got a Number with birthdate and serialnumber in it... )?


Hope someone of you here can help me out! :)

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The numbers are the last four digits of his service number.


Basically mine was:


2509 XXXX (x's for security)


When i was in a guy a with a 24 number was a bit of an old sweat, 25s were NIGS (new in green)


I'm sure they must be on 26 by now...


However you usually only refer to the last four digits as loads of folk have the same first four...


Its chronological too not regiment dependant.


E.g if i join on may 1 i am 25098888 (not my real number) if my mate joined an hour after me but not in the same regiment (or indeed if he was in the same one) he'd be 25098889


You keep the number for life, if you leave and went back in you'd have the same number.


Officers generaly have six figure numbers.


Female soliders have the number prefixed by a 'W'


I have no idea what the MC stands for.


Could be his initials.


I can spot a blagger form a soldier instantly by asking their service number, a real soldier woudl forget his own name before he forgot that... a WALT looks embarassed and tries to pretend they forgot it or makes up some stupid number.

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It may be like what guardsman said about issued by regiment. Plus the new pay system is balls any way the 1st day they brought it online it crashed!





Wait until you've been using it for nearly a year. My pay and details still get messed up. And as for leave, ha, it just does't work anymore.


Although I suspect that's more down to the clerks than anthing else.

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