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DPM picture contest as requested by LJ

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excuse me for disagreeing with you, but i dont feel that makes me a troll.....


for a start, what does people on ascuk claiming to be UK forces have to do with uksf?


and what does it matter if im on the ascuk forum anyway?

I only ever joined for the lfu site board XD


how many ARE uksf?


because someone is in the TA, or even a regular grunt, does not make them party to UKSF information any more than a civilian. TRUST ME.


Sure, its talked about a lot, but thats about it.


and a squaddie with private purchase rig over ospray doesnt count because its not what sf wear.


for the purpose of this thread, we are talking about UKSF gear. ergo, what they wear, not what corporal joe blogs wears patrolling Basra....


Photographs are very good evidence, it shows 'uksf' and what they are wearing.

As most impressions are based off that, its a good source clearly.


I do listen to people's views, but i also like hard evidence of something before i believe it completely.

someone on the internet saying 'im ex forces me, belive what i say lol' never inspires me with the greatest confidence, or desire to belive what they say any more than someone with a great interest in the subject area.



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I dont see why everyones arguing, seeming we are talking about some of the most secretive and unphotographed soldiers on the planet.


If this fella is going on a source whos seen these people at work in which ever sandbox and they are a reliable witness then why not base your ideas around that...theres nothing wrong with Multicam as its apparently been reported they wear ACU too.


As for the 416, why not they could be using it in limited numbers or they may not, I dont know why your arguing he should build a L119A1 when it works exactly the same as a regular model you can buy stock and only some can tell the difference without looking closely anyway.


Would there even be this argument if someone like Darkchild (who may indeed have seen SF personnel only he knows) said they have worn X piece of cammo and used this weapon with that on it.


EDIT: Personally this is why Ive never done a loadout which was meant to look like anything specific in the real world

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jesus the waltness is rising here., any more and ill need wings to avoid it.


more importantly is it realy that import ant to people. sewriously have you not got any other life AT ALL to be going on with? ok misfit hasnt but the rest of you should blooddy grow up and accept that airsofts a game and you can do what you want its no0t the realy real world where being shot makes you have aterminal case of death.


*fruitcage* walt muppets

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Silence carrion, we dont need you taking the mick...



Chris: for a start, its a clear difference in barrel....


also, this is called geardoism

if you dotn want to do it, dont, but theres a thing called accuracy....


airsoft is a game



but if people want to say 'this is a UKSF impression'


they had better get it right

or say 'this is LIKE a uk sf impression.


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I said in two posts that UKSF have worn Multicam...

I knew that, it wasnt directed at you or anyone


Its more a 'if he wants to why not', and if hes got some evidence to go with it then good for him its his hobby and he obviously doesnt want to be an exact carbon copy of a photo which is what some people seem to think impressions are all about (which when it comes to SF is a bit barmy seeming its about tailoring kit to your preference)

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isn't this really just down to being able to carry off a certain look?

i could be wearing a DPM kilt and wielding an m134a and its a dpm picture.


as for the special forces, please guys, settle down. seriously, its embarrassing watching people argue on the internet.

agree to disagree or something 'till proof comes up either way.


i'm with carrion. its really not that important. More pictures!

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yes "proof"


the ultimatle in internet bingo. I IS GOT A TOTALY RANDOM PICTURE WHICH I FOUNDZ ON THE INTERWEBZ SO IT MUST BE TRUEZ even tho said picutre of a guy i dpm holding a hkXXX is infact the guy doing the field trials.


most squadies i have met modify there kit to what suits them and to what they can get away with in unit.

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*Sigh* :rolleyes:


Keeping on topic, only halfway into my UKSF loadout - not quite finished yet. Soon to come will be a DPM MICH cover, and possibly an Osprey kryloned to hell with OD....


Again ON TOPIC....




Not an impression before you start.... ;)


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How far is it relatively easy to modify an M4 to an L119a1 though? The barrel can be easily changed but the carry handle and foresight are different (IIRC!!!) and markings etc, and as far as I know there aren't replicas of those out, so I'd end up with an M4 with rails, new barrel, maybe rail under foresight... is that heresy?


How on earth are you "knowing" on some of those pics who's UKSF? Some you can barely see. Or maybe thats an "f I told you Id have to kill you" :P


Didnt find a pic of this, would it ever happen for UKSF to wear normal kit ie. dessie DPM, PLCE etc and then use an L119a1? Or would the only instance of using that kit be to be identical to regular forces hence would not use one...


(Correct I'm not an expert, please don't just reply "fool" or something... :P )


EDIT: not to stop this being a picture thread or anything, feel free to delete this post if you're worried!

I guess the avatar could count although its not exactly any attempt at any impersonation and yes I know, trigger finger is a bit close and all that ( I was, erm, blindfiring an enemy who surprise attacked from above or something...)

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To save this ship of a thread and steer it away from the iceberg that is a UKSF topic which unfortunately never ends well,

i threw together some old issue kit i haven't touched for a while and got this... :)




Obviously not a complete loadout, A new helmet cover and maybe a DPM chest rig might sort it out, it will never be complete until i get an SA80 though. <_<



<3 k

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