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A welcome PM

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I was wondering since so many newbs come on and get flamed for not searching and stuff perhaps to make it easy for them.


When you create an account you receive a welcome PM, like those welcome emails from hotmail when you create s new email.


It could include links to certain topics. Advice on searching and a general welcome and restates certain forum rules. Also explains rep system and such.

Just a thought I do not know if it is even possible. Just thought iy would cut down on the flamings.



Pariah :sheep:

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That is a very interesting idea. I don't know if a "PM" would be the best though. Perhaps we could have a "thread" that would have to be accessed before the said n00b would be able to see the regular boards.


So when they make a new account, you must read through this "thread" tutorial and it gives them a basic understanding of how the site works, tips on searching, how to format text in their post, how to use spell checker...etc



Or make it like a license agreement :D. That way if they click the "Yes I have read and understand the terms and conditions" button, they would be liable for any stupid threads and or mistakes when it comes to forum use.



Good idea!




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The idea was raised not long ago, and Arnie was notified. He'll probably implemented, if not already, in the next upgrade (yea, he does upgrade frequently in the background without anyone noticing).

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