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Yet another TM P226 review

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Tokyo Marui P226 Review








First Impressions and thoughts:


I bought this gun for two reasons; 1 being that I wanted another GBB to wield at OP: Biohazard II, 2 being that the gun has been on my "want" list for a long time.




After opening the box and taking out the random manuals and papers, I came face to face with the P226 for the first time.




I looked at it in the box for maybe 5 seconds, before ripping it out of the box, it felt a tad light, so I put in the magazine, bringing the weight to 797g, making a nicely weighted and EXTREMELY well balanced handgun, there should be no problem aiming this a second out of the holster.


Now, myself being in the U.S., it is fairly rare to get trademarks on guns, but thanks to the folks at Hotspot Airsoft, I was able to get this beauty without an ugly dremeled slide and grips. And I have to add, this gun is finished VERY well for a plastic gun, it looks very much like steel. But those damned TM trades on the left side take away from the look.



Apologies to Sig Sauer for being barely able to see their marks in that picture.


And the decocker, all I can say is es ist wundervoll. The hammer has two "stop points", one being maybe 2 millimeters past resting position, the other where it would be after the slide blowing back. The decocker returns it to the one slightly past resting position.


The safety also is very well incorporated into the gun. You simply push on the opposite side of the frame where the field stripping lever is. (or similar to the button you push to field strip the Berretta 92 series.)


Lastly, the hop-up adjustment, it is adjusted via field stripping the gun and turning a dial until it is at the right setting. (can be done w/o taking the barrel out, just done for the purpose of this picture)






After toying with it for a while, it was time to gas this thing up. After loading up the mag, I slid it into the gun and racked the slide back. The sound is very hollow and plasticy, but not enough for you to scream out unintelligible cuss words and run to your computer to buy a metal slide. Carrying on, I aimed the gun at a metal pole (around 2 inches in diameter) around 15 feet away and fired.

*BLAM* *ting* Oh, it hit the pole alright, but of more concern was the fact I accidentally put real 9mm bullets in the mag. I pushed the mag release and looked at the mag, nope, still 6mm. The report on this thing is amazing, very loud and very realistic. And the recoil too, this thing has more kick than any airsoft gun I have fired, and is supposedly only rivaled in kick by the D. Eagle hard kick. (I wonder how it got that name)


The following target consists of two different areas of aim at 24 feet away, using KSC .25 bbs. The large solid blobs are the points of aim, and the smaller dots of the same color are where the bbs impacted. The holes in the purple circle and practice shots, and the one in the green circle was a result of the fact I am not very good at shooting.




To give an idea of the targets size, the bulls-eye ring is about 3/4s of an inch wide.


The grouping for the reds is about an inch, not including the one in green that is 2 and a half inches away.


The groupings for the brown are around an inch and 3/8ths.(but one was in the bulls-eye ring, so it was technically more accurate-ish)


Just remember that I am not very good at shooting pistols. ;)





Now, as much as I do love this pistol, there are some minor things that do not really bother me, but should be mentioned to make this a fair review.


1) Seams.


The seams on this gun, while not terrible, are somewhat noticeable. (if you are inspecting the gun)






There was one along the lip of the slide as well, but that got sanded off when the orange tip did. (I can say that, correct?)


The one that bugs me the most is the one along the grip, it has a split at the top, without even skirmishing it yet, meaning grips of the real- deal variety would defiantly be nice here.


2) Field Stripping.


I’m not sure if this happens on anyone else’s, but it can get quite frustrating. On sliding the slide back onto the frame, the recoil rod does not always seem to fit into where it is supposed to, so I need to slide it out repeatedly until it fits in well enough for me to slide the lever back. And seeing as you need to do this to adjust the hop-up, it can get very annoying, very fast.





This is my new skirmish sidearm, I love the thing, and will probobly use it until it falls into pieces from old age.




-Great balance, finish




-loud report, hard recoil




-seam lines


-damned TM trades




Breakdown of SIG P226




green- mag release


red- field strip lever


pink- decocker


blue- slide release


yellow- hammer




aqua green- safety button


green- damned TM trades


red- ejection port


yellow- hammer


NOTE: This review comes from someone who has only handled around 10 different airsoft pistols, and is a n00b at reviewing.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. :D



I suggest you take some clear pictures and submit it to the main site.


I can do that, but by main site, you mean the readers reviews section, correct?


Thanks again everyone, if anyone would like me to add something, i'll try my best. :)

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It' Does it suffer badly form the "cool down" effect? 



Not any worse than any other medium sized GBBs.




WAit till you stick a 6.03 barrel on that baby it shoots like a laser beam then and slightly harder 



I'm ordering one this week, cant wait. :)



does the P226 run on 134a or Green gas? 



I've run mine on straight green, around ~300-400 shots through it so far, the slide stop notch doesn't look worn in the slightest, and all the other internals look fine.



Im trying to get better pictures for the database, but the new camera is deciding it dosnt like me, so it may be a while. :mellow:

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