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Full Metal Jacket

'The Jammy_Stuff incident'

Shall we ban him or not?  

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  1. 1. Shall we ban him or not?

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Hmmm, the age-old debate of sad vs worrying. What will win-out?


I think "sad" on this occasion.


I'm knackered, I have blisters the size of bornemouth, and I've spent the last two weeks on exercise, only to return to this level of utter twaddle. That "Close Thread" button is looking mightly tempting right about now.


Whaddayareckon I should do?


Answers on a postcard to...


Mr. Lockage,

101, Lock Lane,



etc, etc, etc...


Got the hint yet? ;)

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What a load of b*llocks.


I posted the email up to see if I could still post. When I realised I could, I assumed it was from the same joker who sent me abusive spam a few months back (most likely Shrek). I was wrong - it was a *suitcasey* practical joke.


It sucked.


Then this came about. How sad.


Just lock it and forget about it, FFS.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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