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Introduce a M4 A1 Plastic Version, made by AIM

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Introducing a M4 A1 Plastic Version, made by AIM


Sample is due in a week or so


Unit will retail for around £105 TO £110


Model : AM4 A1

Receiver Finish : Matte Dark Grey

Initial Velocity : 300fps using 0.20g bbs

Weight : 2150g

Length : 760mm-870mm Retractable / Extendable

Hi Cap Mag : 300 Rounds

Rate of Fire : 750 / 850 bbs a second

Firing modes : Semi / Full auto / Safe

Caliber : 6mm BBs

Barrel Length : 364mm

Battery Type : Mini 8.4v - 600 Mah (Not included)(Charger not included)

Motor : CA2029

Whats in the box : Gun / High Cap Mag / Manual / Jam Rod / BBs





















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Our sample should be here in about 10 days

Once we have looked at it and stripped it to bits

If everything is ok

Our first order of 15 units will be here first week of december





What do you think of the pics and the price ????






will the first lot of m4's arrive before december do you know

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New Publish – AIM M4A1 Plastic Style A.E.G.




The brand new M4 Style AEG is the latest edition to our extensive product lines. Manufactured by AIM Top International Co., this M4 gun was designed to be a durable, high quality weapon, at an affordable price. It has not sacrificed detail or power.


The M4 comes in Plastic design, the description as follows:


M4 DESIGN: Plastic

Length (Retracted / Extended) 760mm / 842mm

Capacity Approx 300rds

Velocity 288 fps

Joules 0.9 joules

Motor CA2029

Weight 2.0kg – 2.5kg (current estimation for your idea of the item)

Barrel Length 363mm

Caliber 6mm B.B. Bullet

Battery Type 8.4v 600mah


Exterior Design:

Whether full metal, plastic or a combination, the M4 designs have a great eye for detail, are easy to use and will be enjoyed by all airsofter’s a like. It has a metal detachable handle & reinforced outer barrels.

 The lighter plastic M4 designs do not shed any detail/performance and is great for long outdoor excursions.

Internal Design:

 Within all three designs, the Gearbox is made from metal, providing reinforced structuring and prolonged durability.

 The internal mechanisms inside airsoft guns are delicate and complex, therefore only trained/skilled users should disassemble airsoft weaponry. A major cause of airsoft gun failure is due to customers opening up the mechanism.


M4 Testing:

The M4A1 design was extensively tested in China before we would even consider the gun ready for distribution. However, it is also essential for any sales team to understand the consistency of any new products, so we at JIA DYI also tested the guns in our Taiwan office. Using the BB speed-reader, we tested the guns velocity on semi & automatic settings. After repeating each setting 10 times, the velocity was consistently between 286-289fps. We also tested the accuracy of our guns from the distance of 10 meters, using both semi and full automatic settings








Using the small sight on the carrying handle, our M4 proved to be accurate regardless of the setting, proving that the barrel is straight & alighted with the small sight on the carrying handle.


Impression of the M4:

In conclusion, sales team is ecstatic about the new M4 and is very satisfied with the quality and performance of this airsoft gun. This new M4 is consistent in look, handling, power and quality yet only a fraction of the price of other expensive manufacturers.



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I am waiting for the sample to get here for testing

Before we start taking orders


Not sure if there will be a discount for pre orders as yet





Impressive! I'll defenitely be getting one if they're 100pounds or a bit more. Do we get a discount for pre-ordering? :D

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I spose you can use any battery or charger. If it's like any other M4, gearbox opens just above the selector switch. You undo some screw or something and it opens up from the back, near the cocking handle.

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Hi xxpsychoxx


Battery and charger are not included in the price on the web

If you placed a order for gun and battery and charger they would all be sent at the same time


Hi Para


Battery for this gun is a mini type battery we have a few on our site

Either 600 mah or 1200 mah

The gun does split the same as the marui ver

There are pins you have to push out not screws


I will post pics as we now have the sample


And its very impressive



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We have our sample here is what we found



First Impressions:



The box the AIM AM4 A1 comes in is very nice looking, in the middle of the box is the name AM4 A1











On my initial inspection of the AM4 A1 I found no trademarks as such



The only one that I found was on the outer barrel that says 5.56 NATO 1/7.



The AM4 A1 has several nice features such as the detachable carry handle with the weaver mount underneath and the four position retractable stock.



The other features the AM4 A1 has is the charging handle, the forward assist knob, and the bolt release.



While the charging handle is used to uncover the Hop-Up mechanism inside the bolt, the forward assist knob and the bolt release are purely for looks and serve no real purpose other than to make the AIM AM4 A1 look more like its real steel counterpart.







Our initial tests found the samples we have is shooting a little hot compared to the Marui ver



We shot around a mags worth of shots from these samples and the average fps is around 330 to 340



The AM4 A1 was more accurate than I expected, from about 60 feet away firing in semi auto mode I consistently got about 3 inch groupings.



In full auto mode I got about 4 inch groupings.




The only problem I've encountered was, occasionally while firing in semi auto mode the trigger somehow gets stuck like if it was in safe mode, but the problem is easily fixed by flipping the selector switch over to full auto mode and firing off a few rounds.



The above problem is encountered across all models and makes as we all know









Positive aspects of the product (pros): 40% cheaper than Marui ver / Low cost / High quality / Its a 80% copy of the Marui ver / Made in Taiwan not China



Negative aspects of the product (cons): Durability of gun unknown / Durability of gearbox unknown






Would I recommend this gun to anyone? Yes, I would.



If you are on a budget, and you want a clean, simple assault rifle which takes STAR mags, then go for the AM4 A1.



If at a later date you want to upgrade the gun, then you shouldn't have any problems, given that most of the Marui M4 parts fit this gun no problem.


If anyone has and questions feel free to post here


We have these units on order they are due to us in 10 to 12 days



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Positive aspects of the product (pros): 40% cheaper than Marui ver / Low cost / High quality / Its a 80% copy of the Marui ver / Made in Taiwan not China


Can you elaborate some more on which 80% is the copy of the Marui version?

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Items that are copys of the Marui ver include


Barrel / Hopup unit / Gearbox / Upper receiver / Lower receiver / Upper and lower fore grip / mag well / mag / outer barrel (is plastic on this ver) / Fire selector


As you can see from this list as yet i am to find nothing that is not based on the Marui ver


The 80% i quoted was supplied by the supplier



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What does the inside of the gearbox look like?


This looks like a version of the SRC aeg(problems might be fixed). I really do want to see what the gears look like(and the rest of the box for that matter).

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Hi Here are some more photos


Gearbox and other bits


Gun was shooting 340fps before i stripped the gun

After the fps was 355fps - 350fps with no hopup on


Gearbox is gearbox ver 2

There does not look like there is anything non standard in there

Seal was very good in the piston also



Click here for gearboxl.jpg


Click here for gearboxr.jpg


Click here for gears1.jpg


Click here for gears2.jpg


Click here for gripmotor.jpg


Click here for guidebb.jpg


Click here for magwell.jpg


Click here for motorbase.jpg


Click here for piston.jpg


Click here for springaim.jpg


Click here for stock1.jpg


Click here for stock2.jpg

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