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2011 Picture Thread

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Gallery here:



Thanks to Snowman, **Ninja**, and Shard for the help with problems encountered during assembly.


I don't think you'll EVER find someone using an Aimpoint for IPSC/IDPA. . .but nice Limcat.

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me too. . .I've always wanted to shoot one.. .heard the power is easily over 400 fps right?


(but overall, hate how it looks)

With the extended barrel jacket (no hop-up) it's probably around 400. Even with the standard Gigant hop-up barrel it still shoots over forum limits.


A lot of people don't like the looks, but it's quite impressive when you see it in the flesh. Its got a lot of weight to it and the finish, especially on the folding stock, is very good. Although the stock does wobble a bit. It's also got some nice features that the standard Gigant doesn't have such as a slightly different frame and a neat little pivoting cocking handle built into the rear sight. I did contemplate taking the whole rail system off and slapping on a normal 6 inch slide and turning it into an SMG, but I never got round to it in the end.

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Meant to ask, has anyone done a walkthrough guide to taking down an SV like the one Catman has done for the 1911? It's mainly how to strip the grip section so's i can change the grip i need to know. Any help or links would be most welcome.



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