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ooh.. I guess I could post mine to.. Although it is not complete. Missing the RS stock and RS A2 frontsight.. I also got RS Aimpoint ML2 coming. Vortex flashhider.



PTW M16A3 MAX with SCK Max lower fitted for engraving


RS KAC railcovers

RS Eotech 552

RS Surefire M900A

RS GG&G Ambi endplate

RS upper receiver fitted for ptw

RS Stock tube

RS M4 gastube

Sling with small pocket for li-poly


I have NOOOO idea on price.. If there is a 2K club I probably could enter :-)




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Not to be rude but I really can't understand your sentences, Cali Swangin.



Uppps... :(


I forgot that i´m not on a American forum.


Sorry Batou-san.... ;)


And don´t worry,you have not been rude at all,

someone else was..... :blow:


To the person that took my point off:


I do not feel sorry from where i come from and where i used to grow up.

I did not had the luck,to grow up in a "proper"neighborhood,so so sometimes i just loose it and write the way i talk.

-Yes,it is in me and it will be always a part of me.I can not just turn a switch.


You keep that point,it don´t mean anything to me.

That is not,what i´m here for.

I´m here to share with all the good people on this great forum.


I had to fight all my life against negativity here and there,so i can deal with this.


I will try to check my spelling the next time so nobody get bothered.



i hope this was Proper enough for you gentleman....so,






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